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Comment Re:Go measure (Score 1) 147

"Dave, I think most of the /. readership is on the eggnog all the time. However, this is the type of thing a few of us still come to this site for. Thanks for your work on this"

I second this.
After the first couple of pages I almost gave up reading because of the eggnog comments.
For the record, queue management in OpenWrt has done a lot to lower bufferbloat on the systems I use.

Comment No GPIO? No Sale! (Score 5, Insightful) 205

The first thing I did was look and see what it had for GPIOs with a small hope that it might even be at some level compatible with the RPi.

None? I might as well buy a cheap mini-itx board.

While I would love more horsepower for some projects I need GPIO's, I2C and SPI for interfacing.

This one's a non starter and certainly doesn't destroy the RPi and as others have pointed out it has no community support whatsoever.

Comment Re:crap shilling article is crap (Score 0) 290

>Dear Cthulhu, take me now!
>One of the main reasons I LIKE email is that it gives the sender time to organize their thoughts. Much better than listening to some user or boss hem and haw and backtrack and contradict themselves wasting endless minutes of my life.

And if my mod points hadn't just expired I'd mod you up.

Instead - +1000

Comment Hell No! (Score 4, Insightful) 77

Linux users do NOT want to launch everything from a browser.
Ditch the stand alone launcher and the need for the browser.

I want standalone programs for hangouts and chromecasting and that is all.
I already don't like the overhead of chrome and it's crappy interface and I'm getting
fed-up with the crashes and arbitrary chrome and hangout resets when I do leave them running.

Make good programs, not crappy do everything browsers.

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