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Comment yet naive and ungrateful. (Score 4, Insightful) 353

Where do I start with this? You signed an employee agreement. What rights does it give you? The company is paying you to develop code, provides the compute infrastructure, provides the business motivation based on their own research and enables you to improve your knowledge and skills. You are unwilling to leave your job, so you don't accept any risk. Yet, you ungratefully want all of the benefits of the code. You don't even seem willing to share a possible new revenue stream with your company. You are quite the piece of work.

Comment So cheaters are rewarded, customers get nothing... (Score 0) 322

...and Microsoft gets to pay support people to answer questions from people that never paid for their software. So dumb. Microsoft would be better off to cut these people loose and have them run Macs or Chrome or desktop Android. If someone is willing to run hacked XP or 7 for all this time, they're never going to be paying customers. So why support them? Why have market share if you never get revenue?

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