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Comment Re:First rule of breaking the law (Score 2, Interesting) 347

Who would have even looked for the leaked cables without stumbling upon them first?

Is bringing attention to the cables a good thing or "a security risk that can get people killed?" You are simultaneously praising Lamo for informing on a whistle blower and bringing attention to leaked documents in question. As for the question of who would have looked for the leaked cables, I have a solid confidence the the U.S. government's ability to comprehensively monitor Wikileaks for potentially embarrassing material.

In essence he not only helped himself, but with the media attention also helped Manning's cause.

The positive impact of the media exposure given to Manning's cause by Lamo is easily outweighed by the evidence he turned over to the government.

If Manning's documents actually prove anything then none of this will have been in vain. If they unearth nothing then Manning leaked a bunch of garbage for nothing and is not only reckless but very, very stupid.

If Manning's documents prove anything, the many years he is about to spend in prison will have been in vain.

Comment Re:meh (Score 2, Informative) 544

Well said.

If you think that the economy will fall back to gold after a collapse of the fiat currency, take a look at Zimbabwe: is gold the major currency of the informal economy there? No. They use American dollars and South African rand.

And just to mix a little irony into the situation, many of those rand are earned by digging up gold and selling it for dollars.


Cisco Introduces Rackmount Servers 93

1sockchuck writes "After shaking up the market for blade servers, Cisco Systems is launching a line of rackmount servers. But the company says its ambitions are more targeted than a full-scale 'all your racks are belong to us' assault on the volume server market. Cisco says it sees its 1U and 2U C-Series rackmount servers as offering an entry point to its Unified Computing System vision for companies who've built their data centers using rackmount servers instead of blades. But it thinks many customers will like the expanded memory capacity Cisco has built into the Xeon 5500/Nehalem EP processor."

Comment Re:Three options (Score 1) 1032

The only people I've had get bent have been the ones trying to use a stolen/loaned card.

False. Visa and MasterCard also got bent, but weren't there to show their displeasure. Most of those cards were loaned, and you cost the card companies money by your actions.

How do you square that with your self-righteousness?

Comment Re:Package Managers? (Score 1) 451

FFS, if you are an actual Mac user, surely you know that neither the company nor its users use all caps when writing the word "Mac."

In case you are as oblivious as you appear to be, "MAC" spelled in all caps is a bizarre pejorative used by Windows boosters.

There isn't any underlying meaning to the capitalization as used by haters , it's done to be annoying, and it is highly effective.

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