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Submission + - Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo First Powered Test Flight

iontyre writes: The first powered test flight of Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo occurred this morning, with 16 seconds of powered flight and a maximum velocity of Mach 1.2. The company expects to conduct the first full flight to space before the end of the year, in preparation for beginning full passenger operations.

Submission + - SpaceShipTwo Makes First Powered Flight

zamboni1138 writes: After years of design and development work SpaceShipTwo made it's first powered flight Monday morning over the Mojave Desert. The spacecraft was carried to launch altitude by WhiteKnightTwo, released and climbed to 56,000 feet during a 16-second burn. The craft was built by Scaled Composites for Virgin Galactic who plans to eventually start space tourism flights.

Comment Blu-ray is NOT expensive! (Score 2) 429

What are you people talking about? Blu-rays DO NOT cost 2 or 3 times what a DVD does! New releases at Walmart are typically $19.96 for DVD and $24.96 for blu-ray. The upgrade in quality (not just the picture, but the sound too, maybe even more so the sound!) is well worth the $5. And if you wait a couple of months, MANY can be found for $10 or so. Players are available for under $100, and even the premium models (3D, wireless networking, streaming apps built in) are often under $200. Streaming rarely provides 1080p picture, and I'm not aware of ANY streaming services providing the pristine lossless audio of blu-ray.

Comment YES!!! This is exactly what I've been saying! (Score 2) 224

I have presented to several of my friends/coworkers/family the idea that interstellar space IS NOT the great void we seem to have been assuming for so long, but instead may well be filled with all manor of significant objects, including brown dwarfs, rogue planets, etc. We don't have to make some multi-lightyear jump across nothingness to reach the stars; we can jump from world to world to world, like a great migration wave-front, gathering resources and establishing waypoints as we go. It was an article in Analog SF magazine that got me thinking along these lines. It may take generations to reach the next major star, but at least there will be fun exploration along the way.

Comment Typical misrepresentation of Catholic statements.. (Score 1) 323

Once again, as always, Catholic comments are being totally misconstrued by the media. No one ever said the app was a replacement for confession. The so called 'lowly' priest was saying the app could be an effective tool to help PREPARE for confession. The Vatican does not say anywhere the app is BANNED like the title of this story, they simply are reinterating that the app is not a replacement for confession.

Come on, this is supposed to be a site full of smart people, you can't get this right?

Comment Re:To immediately Godwin the poll... (Score 1) 1270

Except that when you time travel into the past whatever happens from that point on is on a different 4D path, so it does nothing to change the original events, they simply do not exist anymore on the path you now inhabit.

Lots of people have left this path, gone and killed Hitler, and lived to reap the benefits. Someday you may be one of those people.

Comment Re:Babylon 5 / Firefly / Star Blazers (Score 1) 955

Babylon 5 and Firefly are two of my all-time favorite shows, but I don't see how you can not realize that LOST did in fact end on EXACTLY the same note it began: the focus was always on the characters! The ending was all about the characters, not the setting. The show was about the characters, not the setting. The Island remained mysterious, both to us AND the characters. It was meant to be so.

Comment Lost Fan STILL! (Score 1) 955

Complete scientific explanations are great, and sure it would have been interesting to get a few more of those out of Lost, but the Island was NEVER what the show was about: it was about the people. Every moment of the show was about the people; how they reacted to the stresses they faced (plane crash, mysterious monsters, evil island residents, lack of rescue, pressing button on a short timescale, uncontrolled time shifts, loves lost, loves gained, etc, etc, etc.) Why do you think we got all the flashbacks/flashforwards/flashsideways!? The Island was just a strange, mysterious setting in which to put the characters and watch them react.

Personally, I love the fact we actually don't know what happened to Ford/Kate, etal. on the plane that did leave the island. According to Christian, they may well have gotten back to civilization and lived long lives. I love the fact that Ben was STILL conflicted, and even though forgiven, not yet ready to move on. I don't yet know what to make of the fact that Michael and Walt were missing, yet the dog was there with Jack at the end.

If a show answers ALL the questions, what is the point? Lost gave us something to think about long after the show has ended. I am grateful it was here, shining brightly in the current wasteland of mindless, idiotic, juvenile reality tv!


A Hyper-Velocity Impact In the Asteroid Belt? 114

astroengine writes "Astronomers have spotted something rather odd in the asteroid belt. It looks like a comet, but it's got a circular orbit, similar to an asteroid. Whether it's an asteroid or a comet, it has a long, comet-like tail, suggesting something is being vented into space. Some experts think it could be a very rare comet/asteroid hybrid being heated by the sun, but there's an even more exciting possibility: It could be the first ever observation of two asteroids colliding in the asteroid belt."

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