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Comment Yes, they are worth it. (Score 1) 356

Yes, they are worth it. However they need to be socially aware. And they need to be working in a decent environment. Perhaps some other criteria too. If they have this then they can take charge and accomplish magnitudes more than the normal time pusher. It's because they understand what is needed, have the tools to do it, are socially aware so they can foster team effort across departments, and a decent environment where there are no malignant workers to destroy from within.

Comment A plea for help (Score 2) 440

I could accept an argument that the only good equipment he has and knows how to work is based around tape. However it seems more like he doesn't know technically how things works and is looking to stir some controversy and learn from the debate that follows. Or I hope that is what he is doing. Somebody pass him a bong and ask him what he is really up to.

Comment Re:When Has Our Gov Done ANYTHING Right? (Score 1) 205

Good luck doing without one. Have you ever tried living in a commune with "no government"?

Larry Niven did an interesting fictional account of this in "Cloak of Anarchy", http://www.larryniven.net/stories/cloak_of_anarchy.shtml.

Living in a commune? Isn't that about the same as living with our current "gov". I think that is how Thomas Jefferson or Benjamin Franklin would see are current system. Everybody working for the state doing nothing useful.

Comment Obama's Take (Score -1, Troll) 274

I'm sure the Obama administration will continue to state a glass of milk has more radiation in it than what is escaping from Japan. Oh yes, and that nobody has died from nuclear poisoning. Then he will take off his jacket and bring out a napkin in each hand to wipe the imaginary sweat from his face and say we need more nuclear power to fight global warming. (While sending coal to the rest of the world and subsidizing their coal plants.)

Comment Re:I call BS (Score 5, Insightful) 167

You have some valid points but it's more a matter of changing your perceptions than a problem with the car. Your first point about charging 4 times to cover 550 miles is valid. However you'd only have to charge more than once while on your trip for a total of about 30 minutes if there was something strange going on. Maybe you ought to mention why you feel the need to charge 4 times? Why do you think 72F is too warm? You realize the cars are made to work in Southern California where he lives and where the temperatures routinely are over 100F. So what made you think 72F is too warm for the car? I share your driving speed preferences and perhaps like to drive a bit faster than you. The Tesla car gives amazing neck straining torqued out acceleration at any speed up to about 130mph. Because of it's low center of gravity due to the battery packs people end up looking for curves to take because it feels so good. So when you say 62 to 81mph is too fast I can only assume you left out a qualifier. Perhaps what you meant to say was too fast for optimal efficiency. Despite the Tesla being the best aerodynamic car on the market and second best in the history of cars you still must take into account how aerodynamic drag increasing exponentially as the speed goes up. Take a BMW out and drive it at 55 and then drive it at 155. You'll notice you get about 1/3rd the mileage or even less at 155. It's physics. As for needing to charge your car in a European winter every 50 to 100 miles. Sure. If you say parked it outside and only drove a mile to 3 miles per day you might have to charge it every 50 to 100 miles. The Tesla keeps the battery packs and such at a working temperature and this drains the batteries slowly. Unlike a gas vehicle. So this may make the car unacceptable in a few strange cases or to the luddites looking for reasons to avoid change. By the way the judge declared Top Gear manufactured the lies but threw out Tesla's lawsuit because it was unclear how much financial damage resulted in the outright lies. I don't know about you but I don't start out a long trip without feeling up my gas tank, especially when the gas light is on, like the NY Times author did. I think Tesla should have blasted the NY Times harder because there are still some nutters out there that apparently don't get what happened.

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