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Comment All policies subject to empiracle review (Score 1) 694

1. Subject all policies to empiracle review, if the policy isn't improving the general welfare of the people or is causing unintended problems, force it through a mandatory review in which changes are made or a new policy is proposed. Various optimal constraints will be used, chief among them is the gini coeffecient. The following planks are subject to this one. 2. Decentralize power. One way of doing this is forming citizen councils, 100 people to a council, which elects one person to another 100 citizen council, and so on until you have 1 to 100 councils at the top. Every representative must vote the way the council that elected them voted, given appropriate time for debate. The only horizontal communication allowed is between leaf councils, except in a vote of concious by a representstive council, in which case they can communicate horizontally to force the issue to all the councils below that level.all communication must be recorded and freely available. 3. Disband the military. For defense purposes , all citizens will be given 2 years of military training in the fields that best use their abilities, and best match the needs of the nation. After that two years, they can chose to go to a four year university, private or public sector employment, or form a business using the money that would have gone to their education. If loans to start a business are required, the business must be in the form of a worker owned coop a la democracy at work.

Comment Re:In mediterranean countries they mitigate (Score 1) 337

A long time ago I read somewhere that people who sleep in two four hour increments have better over all health indicators.... Not sure where I read it, or how long ago, but I specifically remember them mentioning the Mediterranean area for this specific sleep pattern...

Submission + - Android Security 'Worse Than a Joke' (

Trailrunner7 writes: Activist Chris Soghoian, whom in the past has targeted zero-day brokers with his work, has turned his attention toward wireless carriers and their reluctance to provide regular device updates to Android mobile devices.

The lack of updates leaves millions of Android users sometimes upwards of two revs behind in not only feature updates, but patches for security vulnerabilities. Today during a session at the Kaspersky Lab Security Analyst Summit, Soghoian made a call for legislators to get involved in calling AT&T, Verizon, TMobile and Sprint on the carpet for their practices, or cede control to Google for providing regular updates to devices.

"With Android, the situation is worse than a joke, it's a crisis,” said Soghoian, principal technologies and senior policy analyst with the American Civil Liberties Union. “With Android, you get updates when the carrier and hardware manufacturers want them to go out. Usually, that’s not often because the hardware vendor has thin [profit] margins.

Comment Re:A Modest Proposal (Score 1) 391

It is very simple, label it GMO with an id... if you are a concerned customer you can look up the number to see why the plant was modified... 1. increase anti-oxidants 2. better drought resistance 3. pesticide resistance and so on... The usual American customer isnt going to notice anything. The concerned hippies, as some would love to refer to them, will be able to tell if something is better for them due to GM or is being used to further another product by the same company.

Comment Re:System efficiency? (Score 1) 419

That is why many like the idea of algae... you can take a high salt/acidic water source and turn it into a productive source of fuel... What else are we using it for? The last time I looked into algae an area the size of Virginia would produce enough fuel for the entirety of the US annual use of oil, the problem is keeping the algae growing because they will deplete the nutrients fast, and we will have to somehow collect the CO2 we use and pump it into the production area.

Comment Re:This is NOT Fracking... (Score 1) 168

If it is safe for water and air, why would the industry fight so hard to retain waivers for specific parts of the Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act... Why unburden themselves with regulations that apparently would have no effect on their operation...

Comment Just Label It! (Score 1) 758

GMO or not, I want to know what I am buying. It should not matter if you are pro GMO or anti GMO, everyone does better with more information. I do not care if labelling it will cost business sales, guess what, if your product has a negative connotation because a bunch of hippies had better propaganda, you and your advert team should be fired and left to rot for doing such a bad job. Of course, I am not opposed to letting anyone that works in advertisement to be left outside to rot anyway. I digress, the point being GMO can be used for good or bad. You can setup a system where you drain the pockets of farmers and set them on a monthly schedule of what amounts to wage slavery... or you can increase the amount of antioxidants in tomatoes, and the drought resistance of staples. I want to insure that w/e it is, is safe by doing at least three generation studies on a mouse model... After that the product should be labelled as GMO and the intent code, Drought resistant - 0, antioxidants - 1, .... and so on.

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