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Comment Re:Proposal is highest salaries get the H1-Bs (Score 1) 834

Does it compensate for age? Sector?

You want to pit equally skilled American workers with their foreign counterparts, and give the American some advantage.

If all the sectors and ages are judged on equal ground, then all the visas will go to the older, overpaid "SAP consultants", and there will be zero chance for entry level jobs to be given to a foreigner, even if he is a star programmer that will prove to be the next Linus Torvalds.

Comment Re: I feel conflicted about this (Score 1) 137

oh they already pay for it, 20% increase in tax on Mexican goods. :*

May I know how can a Mexican pay for the tax? I have a few Mexican friends who are very eager to find out. Do they have to cross the border to buy stuffs in America? Is there any other way for them to do so, because they're kinda lazy.

Oh... you mean "pay for it", as in "I'll make you guy pay for this, just you wait" kind of "pay for it". I see, my bad.

Comment Re:Trolling in the summary (Score 1) 277

Any irrelevant ideological barrow could have been pushed from those numbers just by excluding all those people in China.
eg. So it appears that places where people eat bread instead of rice are less corrupt. Who would have thought?

Time for fun-with-spurious-correlations yet? :)

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