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Comment Re:The real reason nuclear power is not taking off (Score 1) 217

To the people who replied to this post with reasoned arguments - Thank You. I was not passing any moral judgements regarding the externalized costs of fossil fuels - I personally think it's wrong coal power plants are allowed to do that. But I also think that our money, here and now, is better spent on wind and solar tech than on nuclear (0.5B failures like Solyndra notwithstanding). A time may come when the bang-for-buck shifts the other way, but it's not now. To my dear downmodder: Sorry, I learned my lesson, I will only ever post stuff that complies with the groupthink guidelines - please be kind enough to send me link where I can read them, before you downmod this post as well. Many thanks.

Comment The real reason nuclear power is not taking off (Score 1, Troll) 217

To my pro-nuclear friends: This is as clear evidence as you're gonna get why nuclear power is not taking off. It's not nut-job environmentalists, it's not NIMBY, it's not some grand conspiracy. Nuclear is just too freaking expensive to operate with any semblance of reasonable safety.

Submission + - A Whale's Virtual Reality (

sciencehabit writes: A surfacing whale is a sight to see, but it would be even more dramatic to watch one ply the ocean depths. Researchers have taken a step closer to doing just that with sophisticated radio-tagging technology and a new computer program that uses the data to recreate a whale's path underwater. The results, which look a bit like a whale riding a roller coaster (see video), are helping scientists understand how the school bus-sized beasts are able to take in enough food to sustain their great girth, and how underwater noises, such as sonar, might affect their well-being.

Comment Comparison against Grails (Score 1) 110

I've been a C/C++ programmer for a fair bit, and am starting to dabble in some web-dev for a startup idea a couple friends have. Can someone tell me how the newer versions of Rails/Ruby compare against the newer versions of Grails/Groovy? I don't want intend for this to be a troll/flame fest, I'm just under-informed on the tradeoffs. Thanks in advance for any info.

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