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Comment Re:And here I am.. (Score 1) 117

What?! Games can be fun without having the latest and greatest graphics with a storyline that's just a regurgitation of every other game that's come out before it? No no no Sir, this will not do! I only play games that look awesome but whose graphic novelty wear off because I just realized I've been playing the same exact game as the predecessor except now it looks pretty. Replay value? Social settings? For shame, have you no respect? You should be playing awesome PS 360 games in your dark dark basement while yelling at 12-year olds for being *noobs*. You should be looking down you nose at these so called *casual* gamers, who just come along and enjoy a simple video game. And your wife? How dare you encourage her to play a video game with you or even speak to you at all! She should be playing World of Warcraft, having an online affair because you don't have time to play a game with her let alone speak to her. You know she understands you've got to unlock that one last achievement on Halo of Duty before you're off to *pwn* some *nubs*.

Clearly Sir, you have no clue what it means to be a gamer. Now go away so I can play some more Unreal Quake Fortress 25 and forgo having any contact with the outside world because its a dirty vile place with Wiitards roaming freely ruining my image as an uber cool gamer by making video games popular to a wider market. I finally have some free time now that my wife went on a trip to meet some friend she met on World of Warcraft. I don't have to deal with her nagging about what would I like for dinner or if I want to have sex or when I'm going to get a job.

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