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Comment Precision Gene Editing (Score 1) 128

To have a technique that could possily cure people and then not use it for "religious" or for whatever fear is to my mind immoral - we may as well be living in the dark ages. Obviously the technique needs work still, and there are always risks with any medical procedure. Provided the patient knows fully those risks and agrees I don't see a problem, particuarly when no harm to anyone else is being done. The technique isn't introducing any alien material into a human. AND in any case we are already mutated by dioxin and radiation and any number of chemicals eg PCB's etc. in the environment. So how is this technique going to change the face of being human? And to those who have made fun of the illness, I suggest that you fully investigate the illness and the suffering it causes thousands of people every day. There are {at current tally} at least 85 variations of Primary Immune Deficiency - X-linked SCID being only one of them. The technique mentioned will only cure one variation anyway. Not the other 84. Still it is worth pursuing as more knowlege is another link in the chain eliminated. Check out;

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