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Comment Re:Culture-product (Score 1) 102

It's also considered to be the earliest recorded uses of a distorted electric guitar. Legend goes that Willie Kizart was taking his gear out of the car and set the amp on the car, it fell off and punched a hole in the speaker cone, when they got inside they stuffed it with newspaper and the sound was born.

Comment Re:Baloney (Score 1) 467

Ok I'll bite, it sounded to me more like he was alluding to the religious zealot,s the people that see Bigfoot, UFOs, ghosts, the Jersey Devil, the Wendigo and the Cubs ever winning the World Series. And by "West" he was referring to the global west, as in "1st World", meaning everything west of the Berlin Wall that allied with the US and had anything resembling a military and modern infrastructure. So compared to most European countries he may have a point in many aspects, though if you are looking at specifics then most Latin American countries have a much higher instance of religious weirdness, like seeing the virgin Mary or Jesus everywhere or in regions where SanterÃa, Voodoo/Vodou/Vodun or any tribal religious ceremonies are still practiced they will likely have a much higher instance of belief in things that have no basis in reality.

Comment Re:There's always a downside (Score 1) 533

So basically what you're saying is that these idiots are alergic to the sound of their own bloodflow and other sounds that their body makes? If thats the case what they actually need is some kind of background noise to fill the void as the only time most people are aware of the sounds going on deep within their body is when there is a dead silence in the room. I.E. it's too quiet.

Comment Re:Ooyala Player? (Score 1) 263

It's why I keep saying Google is managed by idiots. They need to get a WebM plugin for Safari and Internet Explorer and include this plugin with all of their software. They also need to make WebM support mandatory for Android licensing. If they did this it'd take them about a year to be able to drop H.264 and Flash support completely.

Comment Re:How about ruling Monsanto is contaminating (Score 1) 372

Because the methods they used since the beginning of time was simple selective breeding which is inherently not risky because plants are still of the same family, they where just taking pollen from a tomato plant that made fruit that tasted really good an used it to pollinate a tomato plant that grew larger then normal with the hope that the resulting fruit would both be larger and taste better. he GMO method is to to use a gene gun to splice in genetic material from completely unrelated species with no idea what the new DNA will do to the resulting product with only the assumption that if it looks like something that is edible it still must be. Ask any geneticist, we are still decades away from knowing how most of human genes work together let alone what will happen when wantonly mixing DNA from random species. Remember, Everything from a chihuahua to a great dane are all descended from a wolf via selective breeding.

Comment Re:Not sourced in the US? (Score 1) 180

Thee way things are currently, they hire a US based firm, that firm outsources it to China to make the pieces, when the pieces arrive at the US firm they grind off the Made In China badges and stamp on a Built In the USA label. Least thats how it is at the Case tractor plant here.Thee way things are currently, they hire a US based firm, that firm outsources it to China to make the pieces, when the pieces arrive at the US firm they grind off the Made In China badges and stamp on a Built In the USA label. Least thats how it is at the Case tractor plant here.

Comment Re:no chemical fertilizers (Score 0) 592

They shouldn't use chemical fertilizers. Use sustainable practices only. The poor yields will help to starve the excess population to death and the yield curve will eventually meet the population curve. Stop hurting Gaia with your chemical food rape.

This message brought to you by Monsanto?

Comment Re:Stopped reading at... (Score 2, Informative) 592

Rainforests don't make food farmland long term by virtue of them being RAIN forrests, the amount of rain they get in a year quickly washes away the fertile topsoil once it's not being constantly being replenished by new leaf litter. as for the grasslands, they are grasses that are only there for the rainy season, I'd doubt that said land could maintain such a nutrient inefficient crop like corn long term.

Comment Re:Stopped reading at... (Score 3, Insightful) 592

Traditional farming techniques like tons of nitrite fertilizer and fresh water piped in from far off places? Thats not an option and it wasn't for allot of The Midwest during the 30's, look up the Dustbowl and how wind erosion destroyed allot of farmland here in the US and how it's destroying parts of China today. In many places there simply isn't enough water in the aquifers to just start pumping it out as 10 years down the line the region will have desertification due to all of the water that was trapped in the ground being sent downstream.

Comment Hydroponics? (Score 0) 592

how about something like the hydroponic system being used in Milwaukee, WI where they are also farming fish in the vegetable grows? Thoguh they do need allot more water in much of Africa, Desalination plants would help some, but not for the countries on the interior.

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