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Submission + - Climate Scientists Ponder Political Activism (

inthealpine writes: Tired of climate skeptics questioning their ethics in light of the 'climate gate' email scandal, climate scientists look to fight back. A number of scientists want to set up a not-for-profit and get into the political fight. The question seems to be, is this good for the science?

Submission + - Climate E-Mails Stolen by Spies, Not a 'Hacker' ( 3

inthealpine writes: "A very clever nerd can cause a great deal of disruption and obviously make intelligence services very nervous, but a sophisticated intelligence operation is capable of yielding the sort of results we've seen here," [David King, Britain's former chief science adviser] told The Independent. King also went on to push the idea that American lobbyists could be behind the hacking. Does anyone else think that this could easily be a lone hacker or small group of hackers with an agenda? Why does it have to be a large government entity or a well funded lobby group? I'm not a hacker by any stretch, but this totally seems like something a 'lone hacker' could be inclined to do.

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