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Submission + - The first iPad app for Bitcoin: BitCoins Mobile (

intervex writes: "Las Vegas, NV — July 29, 2011 — Intervex Digital, an innovative mobile application development firm in Las Vegas, NV, is pleased to announce the availability of BitCoins Mobile, the first mobile application specifically targeted at BitCoin enthusiasts utilizing the iPad.

    BitCoins Mobile is fully optimized for iPad and is geared towards the serious BitCoin enthusiast and those looking to keep track of their BitCoin portfolio in the same way they would expect to track and manage other, more traditional, investment vessels.

    BitCoins Mobile aims to be a revolution in both iOS applications and the BitCoin community by legitimizing the BitCoin trading and investment tracking experience.

For information: or
Press Kit:

Comment Re:Too Cool (Score 4, Insightful) 200

I think the magic of the hardware is in the infra-red grid scattering as seen in the night-shot video in the link and (I believe, but correct me if I'm wrong) hardware level processing of that returned data from the camera... I'm sure similar setups could be engineered, but the problem is environmental control... In order to make something distributable, you'd have to find a supplier of the same light scattering system as the software author, the same webcam(s) and the placement of everything would need to be precise... The kinect is an all in one solution to that, available nearly anywhere, cost effective, and very predictable... My girlfriend is going in to Occupational Therapy and recently did a study on assistive technologies, the constant theme for all those devices was insane price points. If you follow the link in the article and watch the video of yankeyan and his object recognition technology mash up using kinect as the hardware interface, it opens a world of possibilities for open-source and very affordable assistive technologies using the kinect. Just like the NY Times article about the iPad helping those with disabilities, I think the kinect could be another low cost assistive technology platform in it's infancy.

Comment Re:Cool (Score 1) 322

And then two dozen ./ users came by and said, "Hey, free karma!"

And then three dozen /. users teamed up against the two dozen (EDIT: two dozen and one) ./ users and said "Keep your dots and slashes! We like our slashes and dots!" and sent them home crying to their mommies....

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