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Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 395

Why the facade? We know that they're going to keep raising the length of copyright every 10 or so years indefinitely, so why not just skip the trouble and say copyright ownership lasts forever.

Heck, they could make it retroactive. It'd be fun to discover you're one of Mozart's kin and get a little cash.

Comment Re:And who needs it most? (Score 1) 364

I have a laptop that I bought a year ago that came preinstalled with Vista. XP wouldn't install on it (I'm sure there is some hack, but I don't have the time or energy to find it). When this laptop running this crummy OS is up for recycling, I'd be very happy to know that the next one I buy can run in XP mode and all of my software will run nicely.


Submission + - Facebook Users Get Lower Grades in College 1

Hugh Pickens writes: "According to a survey of college students Facebook users have lower overall grades than non-users. The study by Aryn Karpinski, an education researcher at Ohio State University, found that Facebook user GPAs are in the 3.0 to 3.5 range on average, compared to 3.5 to 4.0 for non-users and that Facebook users also studied anywhere from one to five hours per week, compared to non-users who studied 11 to 15 or more hours per week. Karpinski emphasized that correlation does not equal causation and that the grades association could be caused by something else. "I'm just saying that there's some kind of relationship there, and there's many third variables that need to be studied." One hypothesis is that students who spend more time enjoying themselves rather than studying might tend to latch onto the nearest distraction, such as Facebook or that students who use the social networking site might also spend more time on other non-studying activities such as sports or music. "It may be that if it wasn't for Facebook, some students would still find other ways to avoid studying, and would still get lower grades. But perhaps the lower GPAs could actually be because students are spending too much time socializing online." As for herself, Karpinski said she doesn't have a Facebook account, although the co-author of the study does. "For me, I think Facebook is a huge distraction.""

Comment Re:What's in that paper? (Score 2, Funny) 571

Fresca has always been marketed as a "caloria-free soft drink", hence it never had sugar in the first place.

I never heard that word before so I did a Google search on it. What I found disturbed me a lot. Does it mean that my Dr. Pepper has a sorts of sea slugs in them?

Then I realized it was a spelling error and hit myself on the head.

Comment Why not just trade with Richard Branson (Score 2, Insightful) 41

NASA is a very closed system. You don't just "get" to become an astronaut because you want to. It's a long and involved project.

What surprises me is that we haven't seen foreign nations with a fair amount of intellectual capital but without a real space program attempt like types of trade with private space endeavors. It could eventually work out to being on a smaller scale, and could promote a more international, global interest in space.

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