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Comment 20M miles saved NOT just due to left turns alone (Score 1) 359

I watched the youtube interview linked above and the gentleman from UPS says that 20M miles was saved NOT just from left turns but their "package" technology. Whereas the summary provided above claims left turns to be the sole reason. What's with the lack of attention ?

Comment Re:Obviously Asian (Score 1) 222

"ethnic background is from there" There are tens of thousands of ethnic backgrounds in Asia. I think they should just ask the nationality for foreign nationals. The feds don't have the sophistication and possibly the need to understand the vast ethnic backgrounds in Asia. Classifying a big continent into a "race" is so primitive. As if no research and advancement happened in our understanding of the idea of race.

Comment tried several of them (Score 1) 867

I started with Red Hat because I was forced to use that at a start up. Then I tried Mandrake and SUSE for a while before being stuck with the Gentoo bug. The excitement soon vanished and I switched to Ubuntu. Have been there since. There was a tiny blip with that, when I switched to Mint for a while.

Comment Re:At the risk of modding... (Score 1) 116

I kind of agree to this reasoning. Nintendo wii even now doesn't support a decent cricket game. If you want to sell your console in India, you should necessarily have cricket. That is the game 2 year olds start playing. People are crazy about that in this land.

So a reasonably strong hardware, priced at lets say ~100$, aimed at such a crowd will fetch big money.


Inside Intel's Core i7 Processor, Nehalem 146

MojoKid writes "Intel's next-generation CPU microarchitecture, which was recently given the official processor family name of 'Core i7,' was one of the big topics of discussion at IDF. Intel claims that Nehalem represents its biggest platform architecture change to date. This might be true, but it is not a from-the-ground-up, completely new architecture either. Intel representatives disclosed that Nehalem 'shares a significant portion of the P6 gene pool,' does not include many new instructions, and has approximately the same length pipeline as Penryn. Nehalem is built upon Penryn, but with significant architectural changes (full webcast) to improve performance and power efficiency. Nehalem also brings Hyper-Threading back to Intel processors, and while Hyper-Threading has been criticized in the past as being energy inefficient, Intel claims their current iteration of Hyper-Threading on Nehalem is much better in that regard." Update: 8/23 00:35 by SS: Reader Spatial points out Anandtech's analysis of Nehalem.

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