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Submission + - Swiss Skier's Lives Saved by iPod

instarx writes: The New York times and AP report that Swiss rescue officials found two missing skiers after spotting the light from their MP3 music player. Rega spokesman Gery Baumann says the two men were eventually found after midnight in steep, wooded terrain by a helicopter crew that spotted the light from their digital music player. Baumann said Saturday that the two 22-year-olds suffered only mild hypothermia despite enduring temperatures as low as 5 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 15 degrees Celsius)."

Ok, it doesn't say "iPod" but what else would two 22-year olds cool enough to listen to tunes while freezing to death have? Raises the question as to what's appropriate freezing-to-death music. Maybe those dumb emergency flasher iPod apps aren't so dumb after all.


Submission + - No right of privacy at US borders for laptop files

instarx writes: The U.S. government contends that it is perfectly free to inspect every file on every laptop that enters the country, whether or not there is anything suspicious about the computer or its owner. Rummaging through a computers hard drive, the government says, is no different than looking through a suitcase. Recent court cases seem to support the government's position. However, there is one bright spot for citizens worried about government intrusion at the border: if your laptop files are encrypted, legal experts say, you probably cannot be forced to give the government the password — because doing so would violate your Constitutional right against self-incrimination [of course the government disagrees]. Several recent cases are discussed in the New York Times article by Adam Liptak [free registration required].

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