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Comment Re:Adblock Plus, Ghostery (Score 1) 195

I still use ABP because I rely on the Adblock Plus Pop-up addon. This allows for site specific handling of pop-up windows. It is useful on certain contaminated sites. Couldn't find a replacement for this until now. (NoScript requires too much re-enabling of scripts on too many sites in my experience, which makes it useless for me.)

Comment Re:Metal Market Manipulation. (Score 2) 74

Metal manipulation by Goldman Sach is why metals cost so much.

This is offtopic, but the source article is a longish, but really good read:
A Shuffle of Aluminum, but to Banks, Pure Gold

Banks: not only too big to fail, but also too big to be controlled, and the main reason for all large scale economic troubles.

Comment More Power (and Money) To Them! (Score 4, Insightful) 130

I don't agree with the negativity of the first comments. Personally, I would gladly redirect a significant part of my taxes to an endeavour like this, instead of sinking money into less forward thinking bottomless pits the politicians created.

A one-way trip to Mars means sacrifice, and I applaud them - if they really mean it and won't chicken out the day of lauch. It would be an incredible exciting exploration and proof of concept.

Comment Re:We Never Learn (Score 1) 225

The populations of your examples were poor, naive, badly educated, living in restricted militarized societies, with very few news sources which were easily manipulated for propaganda purposes.

Compare them to the people of today living in relative luxury, with free speech and history education, thousands of news sources and a dozen media alternatives.

It can't happen again. Or can it?

Comment Re:List of Those Who Decline - Marketing (Score 1) 225

I haven't seen this make the mainstream news yet

Well, the mainstream media won't help with spreading the news on this one. Currently, as you can see, they are busy drumming up the new batch of Al Qaeda warnings, and take care to repeatedly state that it is the NSA saving the world here.

As expected, the two countries deepest into the US' digestive body parts - UK and Ger - already help with the security theatre effort by closing embassies. It all plays out like in a bad spy movie.

Comment Re:EMusic and Bitrot (Score 1) 221

Exactly. Of all data there is, audio and video for private consumption is probably were bit rot doesn't matter at all. The rare cases it happens you won't even hear or see the wrong bit. In fact, using lossy compression and then worry about bit rot is illogical.

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