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Comment Re:Not a "Limit" issue (Score 1) 573

So in researching a reply to a comment above, limit does come into play (as the article calls out this guy's usage was 30,000 times higher than an average user
The ToS section 4.3. Restrictions on Use states (among other things) "use it for high volume purposes"

What does "high volume" mean... well I'm sure 30,000 times that of an average user would qualify

Comment Re:TOS aren't applicable... (Score 1) 573

The ToS is everything here, and the ISP can choose to dictate its use as they feel
If those terms are unacceptable to you, you can choose to not use the service

As for fine print... not really. It was pretty easy to find the section in Verizon's online ToS, found with a simple Google search and a very quick scan of the document
Section 4.3.
3. Restrictions on Use. The Service is a consumer grade service and is not designed for or intended to be used for any commercial purpose. You may not resell, re-provision or rent the Service, (either for a fee or without charge) or allow third parties to use the Service via wired, wireless or other means. For example, you may not provide Internet access to third parties through a wired or wireless connection or use the Service to facilitate public Internet access (such as through a Wi-Fi hotspot), use it for high volume purposes, or engage in similar activities that constitute such use (commercial or non-commercial). If you subscribe to a Broadband Service, you may connect multiple computers/devices within a single home to your modem and/or router to access the Service, but only through a single Verizon-issued IP address. You also may not exceed the bandwidth usage limitations that Verizon may establish from time to time for the Service, or use the Service to host any type of server. Violation of this section may result in bandwidth restrictions on your Service or suspension or termination of your Service.

Comment Not a "Limit" issue (Score 1) 573

I'm sure someone has already said this but my first thought after reading this was
This guy was not in violation because of how much data he was using, but rather what he was doing to accomplish it
The amount of data he was using just made him stick out for further investigation
Verizon is clearly in the right that this guy is in violation of the ToS (love it or hate it, if you agree to it you are expected to abide it)
If you dont like whats in a ToS, or the concept of ToS the only option you have is find an alternative provider or go without said service

Comment Is LEGO the problem, or retail stores, or kids? (Score 1) 425

Honestly, I dont see this to be an issue.
I have 3 kids ranging from 11 to 4 who are very much into LEGOs.
My two daughters are into the LEGO friends sets, while all three enjoy the various Harry Potter and LotR sets as well ,havent quite got them sold on Star Wars yet:(, but in all cases, they build what the instructions say once, and then we never see that again. It gets broken down, and incorporated with the rest of their LEGOs.

So has LEGO sold out? They still have their original set series and assorted blocks, and options to create your own, and sets for the "billion-dollar franchises"
My kids truly enjoy building worlds with some of their favorite movies, using blocks or characters they can associate, but their creations are still original.

For Christmas this year each of my kids are getting a (small) LEGO set from one franchise or another, and a larger gift of 650 assorted blocks, no sets, no instructions, but we had to go online to get the latter.
I find Toys''R''Us to be less guilty of this, but most stores do not offer the LEGO original sets, or if they do its very small section on the shelves.

As for the kids, well i know mine enjoy LEGOs as they should, but for any kid who cannot do more than follow set instructions, their parents aught to throw away those instructions and teach their kids to enjoy imagination.

In my opinion, if there is any issue, it is in what stores choose to stock on the shelves.

Comment This is why we cant have nice things (Score 3, Interesting) 327

Paranoid people start wondering about what if and maybes, quick derail the project before all of civilization falls.
While there are instances where privacy concerns are legitimate, in cases like this it is my opinion (yes I'm entitled to it, no you dont have to like it or agree with it, and so what if you dont) that the only people concerned with the what if's and maybe's are those who do not abide the law.

Comment Re:The important part... (Score 2) 106

Please provide a source for this.... given that I know there isn't and many others have provided sources to the contrary I'm guessing that you are one of the 0.5% previously referenced and are sore about what amount to baseless complaints, so you make up stories to suit your view of reality.

And before you retort with "fanboy" comments, let me save you the time
I am a Blizzard fanboy, after 20 years of awesome I believe they deserve it.

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