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Comment Re:No talk about Solaris (Score 1) 207

i forgot to mention, i am currently working on a gov contract developing in an all-oracle software env right now. and due to the projects shoddy code(i came on years into dev), the gov has been pushing oracle for assistance. this has obviously has nothing to do with the Sun HW team, but oracle has recently sent us 2 oracle branded db servers to demo(and a completely braindead consultant with them). they are apparently black-magically tweaked for high performance db message queues. the specs are impressive....one 56-core box and one 128-core monster.....way more impressive then the perfomance increase actually gained from using them....

Comment Re:No talk about Solaris (Score 1) 207

actually, the HW arm of Sun is arguably the most valuable to Oracle in the long term. they have been working hard for some time to be a one stop shop for web app dev & deployment. what better way than to sell Oracle branded server racks, running Oracle Solaris preloaded with Oracle Meblogic, BPEL, DB, etc....Oracle Dev machines also running Oracle Solaris preloaded with Oracle JDeveloper...and so on.....that you basically just plug in and turn on. once these babies are deployed to corps and gov agencies en mass, expect the cost of their consultant fees to really skyrocket. resistance is futile....

Comment i learned....the hard way....now... (Score 1) 739

like many others that i've read here, my virgin experience with linux came in the form of many sleep deprived nights of reading and recompiling the kernel of a Slackware 8.1(9?) install. i did this at the recommendation of my peers as i was green to *NIX and the only experience i had with anything other than windows systems at the time was hacking my class projects on Solaris dummy terminals.

i joined the RUSLUG(http://ruslug.rutgers.edu/w/) and the great majority of them suggested this route. now i realize that this was a nerd hazing....however, the knowledge and familiarity with the inner workings of linux that i gained from those first couple of weeks is now priceless. not to mention that, once i perfected the process of configuring that machine, my sh!tty compaq presario laptop ran better than the day i brought it home...another added plus, my non-techy friends in the dorm were so thrown off by fluxbox, none of those virus magnets ever even tried to hop on my box anymore.

anyway, what first became of that introduction is something that still makes me proud to this day: the Prism driver. thats right, i as involved with the project that brought many of you wireless g in linux for the first time. i was responsible for the config/admin tools and the sh!tty documentation to help you script your settings.

no one who is familiar with it believes me when i tell them...until i make them bet on it and dig up notes and archived irc discussions...that got me many a free lunch over the years!

while that was a great learning experience...it is not something i want to ever go through again. which is why i must say this: what i first do with linux now is discouraging considering how long it's been since i worked on the prism project, how successful it was, and how far linux has come since then.....most of the time the first thing i do after installing linux on a system is hop on my VISTA box and scour the internet trying to figure out how to get my god damned wireless working!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


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