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Comment Artificial Intelligence (Score 1) 329

What information has survived the longest? Perhaps the information encoded in DNA. But, to survive in harsh environments with the constant threat of destruction, new copies are made continually within cell nuclei.

Which leads to my suggestion. Maybe we don't just want our data preserved for millenia, we want it made better! Thus we should initiate a process of artificial intelligence, seeded by our own ideas but with freedom to innovate in years to come. Then, it can adapt in order to communicate with any future would-be readers.

Comment Re:Am I the only professional C/C++ coder ... (Score 1) 179

... inclusive of multiple products you (all) definitely use ranging from OSs to processors and the stuff that powers your cities, etc.

Should this be "we" definitely use, and that powers "our" cities? Or the more exciting possibility, that you exist outside the framework of normal life?

Comment They have spoken; (Score 1) 154

Nice of China to notify the world of its intent. Protesting their intent will be fruitless; as the (Wikipedia) article points out, it's not a legitimate territorial claim, only a rough designation of China's desire. Any bickering must be done over specific points of conflict that arise from these intentions.

Comment article abstract (Score 2) 80

Yes, the abstract given on your front page is somewhat informative; I have a complaint, though, because I did not want to read such vulgar statements of intent regarding drunk women. If possible please give us readers the option of avoiding such content by leaving it out of the main-page abstract. Sorry to be a pain, I hope you understand.

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