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Comment My Pointing Keyboard Patent Was Approved (Score 1) 156

Good news.

I was told by my patent agent today that my pointing keyboard patent was approved.


My keyboard allows the user to have all fingers on the home row for typing and with the fingers on the home row one can also point, click, type, scroll, backspace, delete, and esc.

The click buttons and scroll wheel are below the space bar and operated with one's thumbs.

My keyboard gives the user total control of the computer screen.

No more reaching over for the mouse.

My pointing keyboard has the precision of an optical or laser mouse, because it uses the same components.

A user will also be able to ten key from the home row in one version.

The whole keyboard moves.

It is a high performance, high productivity, and comfortable keyboard.

The world's fastest keyboard.

The world's fastest gaming keyboard..

I will try to put up a youtube of it in operation under " pointing keyboard "

For my supporters and my patent agent Hal Bennett at Seed IP.

Thank you.

the ”father of the perfect keyboard”


Comment "what do you type on?" (Score 1) 310

i type on a custom isotonic pointing keyboard. i have total control of the computer screen all while my fingers on the home row. i can point, click, type, and scroll in any order all while my fingers are on the home row. the pointing performance is the same as an optical mouse. from my phd research and testing an integrated isotonic pointing keyboard is the fastest and most efficient pointing and typing device for total computer screen input and control.

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