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Submission + - Canadian researchers cure cancer, nobody notices (

An anonymous reader writes: Last week, researchers at the University of Alberta in Edmonton cured cancer, but I bet you haven’t heard about it. Despite what might be a solid way to treat a wide variety of cancer with no side effects, the mainstream media hasn’t said a peep about it. Why would that be? Because this cure is non-patentable and therefore pharmaceutical companies can’t make money from it, so they’re acting like it doesn’t exist.
United States

Submission + - Old DST v. New DST and Old Devices 3

BanjoBob writes: Just a reminder that some of your VCRs, Off-line TiVos and other appliances with clocks may have the clocks wrong today. Today is the day that the OLD Daylight Savings Time kicked in. However, our government, in their infinite wisdom (and who can't leave anything alone) decided to change it and the change happens next week. So, all your old devices with automatically adjusting clocks may need to be manually set. For that, you can thank the U.S. Energy Policy Act of 2005. To save energy, U.S. legislators set the stage then for 34 weeks of DST, beginning this year.

Submission + - How Much Trashing Can A Notebook Take?

DC writes: When it comes to the Lenovo ThinkPad notebook design, their principal design center is the Product Development Lab at Yamato, Japan. Lenovo ThinkPads may look similar to notebooks from other companies, but they incorporate unique technologies that make these notebooks the choice of many businesses. Many of these technologies may be invisible to the user, so Lenovo is now taking great pains in educating their users about the effort that goes into each ThinkPad. In this article, you'll see videos of Masaki Kobayashi of Lenovo's Yamato Labs as he drops a notebook and pours water on another and the notebook continues to run.
Wireless Networking

Duke Wireless Problem Caused by Cisco, not iPhone 195

jpallas writes "Following up to a previous Slashdot story, it now turns out that the widely reported problems with Duke University's wireless network were not caused by Apple's iPhone. The problem was actually with their Cisco network. Duke's Chief Information Officer praises the work of their technical staff. Does that include the assistant director for communications infrastructure who was quoted as saying, "I don't believe it's a Cisco problem in any way, shape, or form?""

Submission + - iPhone Running Embedded Leopard?

An anonymous reader writes: Is the iPhone not, in fact, ruinning an embedded version of Mac OS X 10.4, but rather an embedded version of Leopard? That's what Mac guy John Welch says in Two Weeks With An iPhone. (Welch wrote the widely read Mac OS X Versus Vista review.) He's also got perspective on security: "If you listen to pundits, you'd think every iPhone was vacuuming data off your network. This is overblown. The iPhone is not a flash drive. One security issue that is legitimate is its inability to remotely erase e-mail data from the iPhone." On Speed: "Yes, EDGE is slower than EV-DO. It's also slower than HSPDA. However, AT&T has speeded up EDGE considerably, so the question becomes, Is EDGE on iPhone useable and not like some kind of wireless dial-up? I'd have to say yes." On synching: "Until Leopard is released, I doubt that there will be any options for over the air sync of anything other than e-mail."

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