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Comment Try it before passing judgement (Score 1) 209

I could not agree with your comment more. I've been using elementary since its original beta and absolutely love it. It not only looks great, but it is laid out to be usable. My core i5 dell with elementary luna is my go-to coding machine. This new release should make it even better. Having used quite a few distros over the last 12+ years (RHL, gentoo, mandrake, Suse, ubuntu, fedora, debian, cent, *BSD), I can say this is by far the best thought-out release I have ever used. Seriously, give it a try.

Re: "looks like OSX so who cares" comments:
The only feature this distro really shares with OSX is the dock, which BTW, can literally be installed on an OS now. The animations are crisp, memory footprint is light, and it has enough unique usability feature to make it transcend the "OSX-clone" status.

Submission + - "Cards Against Humanity" Co-founder Accused of Rape. (

schrodingersGato writes: On Friday, the co-creator of the game Cards Against Humanity (CAH), Max Temkin, issued a denial of rape accusations by a woman he dated as an undergraduate student at Goucher College. Classmates claiming to know both parties from their college days appear to side with the accuser (, Due to politically incorrect nature of CAH, some of the cards have received criticism for their insensitivity towards rape and gender issues. In an earlier interview with (, Max Temkin discussed his regret for including cards with rape and anti-trans jokes in older versions of the game. For the uninitiated, CAH is a game thats been described as a politically incorrect version of "Apples to Apples" that has had a large cult following in recent years.

Submission + - Smelling farts may just save lives (

sandbagger writes: The hydrogen sulphide that's in the farts we know and love may have some health benefits when inhaled. Small doses may help stave off cancer, strokes, heart attacks and dementia, scientists have revealed. When cells become stressed by disease they try to draw in enzymes to generate their own minute quantities of hydrogen sulphide to preserve the energy creating mitochondria. Researchers have thus come up with a new compound named AP39 to assist the body in producing just the right amount of hydrogen sulfide that it needs.

Submission + - The First Person Ever To Die In A Tesla Is A Guy Who Stole One

mrspoonsi writes: Elon Musk can no longer say that no one's ever died in a Tesla automobile crash. But few people will be pointing fingers at the electric car maker for this senseless tragedy. Earlier this month, 26-year-old Joshua Slot managed to successfully ride off with a Model S he'd stolen from a Tesla service center in Los Angeles, but police quickly spotted the luxury vehicle and gave chase. According to Park Labrea News, the high-speed pursuit was eventually called off after officers were involved in a fender bender of their own, leaving the police department strained for resources and without any feasible way of catching up to Slot. Reports claim he was traveling at speeds of "nearly 100 mph," but losing the police tail apparently didn't convince Slot to hit the brakes. Instead he sped on, eventually colliding with three other vehicles and a pair of street poles. The final impact was severe enough to "split the Tesla in half" and eject Slot from the car's remains. The Tesla's front section wound up in the middle of the road and caught fire. Its rear portion flew through the air with such force that it slammed into the side of a local Jewish community center and became wedged there.

Comment Observing two spins IS the big technological leap (Score 3, Informative) 26

The big leap hear was observing the interaction of *only* 2 spins, not the physics. Just to be clear, this study has confirmed that standard spin physics work on the atomic scale. Confirming these basic laws for a system of two atoms is important because it can expose holes in our understanding of physics that came from only observing an ensemble of spins and not single spin states. Just a few notes: Derivations of quantum mechanical interactions come from basic formulas of classical mechanics, but strictly speak the physics in this paper are *NOT* Newtonian. They are talking about the energy of the interaction, not the force. For two electron dipoles interacting in space, the basic formulation come from F = (q1*q2)/(d^4). Because energy is force x distance: E = F*d = (q1*q2)/d^-3. This observation *is* expected since these physics govern basic magnetic resonance principles. The leap here comes from the fact that magnetic resonance experiments deal with LOTS of atoms, not two.

Comment Encryption (Score 1) 445

I have so many I use a master password list written in a simple text document that is in two places. My main machine and a flash drive both protected by Truecrypt. The flash drive actually has a small binary on it so the computer I use it on does not have to have Truecrypt installed on it for me to use it. It supports Windows, Macintosh, and Linux.

Comment The problem is lack of information and misinformat (Score 1) 264

It does not matter what kind of hardware or software you have or use without knowing what the best security practices are you will be vulnerable. People just want something easy to use. A good example is UPnP. used improperly it can open up the network to all kinds of vulnerabilities but people are willing to sacrifice their security because they don't want to take the time to learn about proper port forwarding. So the problem will continue until people take security seriously. Having said that their is nothing wrong with OpenWRT, DD-WRT, or Tomato firmwares but without knowing how to set them up securely it's still a huge problem. Lack of and misunderstanding of information does not help either alot of these communities associated with these firmwares have very poor documentation.

Comment Don't trust the numbers. (Score 1) 444

I stopped trusting Seagate after they bought and rebranded Conner. I have to say the numbers reported in the article make the whole thing wildly inaccurate. "There are over 12,000 drives each from Seagate and Hitachi, and close to 3,000 from Western Digital". Of course WD is going to fail less with numbers like that. Personally I use and Trust WD but I base it off my own experiences not a report like this.

Comment S4 (Score 1) 201

This is what annoyed me about the Samsung Galaxy S4 all the cool features only seem to work with their crapware like the Air View in browser (very original name Samsung) but not in Dolphin. I am so glad I root my phones and run custom roms and kernels on them. If a company had a my phone my way plan I would so be a customer.

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