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Submission + - ownCloud Documents 6 will contain collaborative web office (

ingwa writes: Frank Karlitschek, the founder of the ownCloud project, blogged today about how the next release of ownCloud will contain a collaborative web office. This means that ownCloud will start to rival Google apps for real from now on. ownCloud Documents uses WebODF for the underlying technology, which means that we may finally have a free alternative to Google apps that will not upload all the data to the American authorities.

Comment Re:Coffice? (Score 1) 61

But it doesn't. :)

Calligra is an application suite with some applications that are office applications and some that aren't. Krita, for instance, is not an office application, it's a paint application for professional artists. In fact, before Krita created its own website ( the spread of it was hampered by its association to the office applications.

Comment Re:Coffice? (Score 1) 61

Not "they". Sebastian Sauer. He has made a truly remarkable job by porting the Calligra engine to Android in 2-3 weeks. But it's not an officially released suite (or even application) yet by the Calligra community. I'm sure that it will be, but it's not yet.

Btw, the Calligra Active group, who is working on the tablet edition of Calligra, have started to create QML components of the word processor, spreadsheet and presentation modules. For those you who are not into Qt and QML development, this means that you will be able to embed, say, a spreadsheet into your application by just adding an include file. This is the power of Qt.

Comment Re:'Callibra Office Suite released' ? I think not. (Score 1) 61

I think you are mixing two things: Using the Calligra engine for a viewer (which is excellent) and the Calligra Suite for desktop (which is indeed somewhat buggy). But it's already much much better. Besides, note that this is not the Calligra community doing something. It's one individual who has released an Android viewer (alpha quality right now) based on the Calligra engine (stable). I can't say anything about how fast the full package will be extended or stabilized but the underlying engine is already very good.

Comment Re:OpenOffice (Score 2) 61

The Calligra rendering engine is actually very good. Nokia put a lot of effort into Calligra to make it a super good document viewer for their N900 and N9 MeeGo phones. This includes all MS Office formats (doc/docx, xls/xlsx, ppt/pptx). Heck, Calligra supports more of docx than MS own embedded office versions. And it's much better than any other free offering, including OpenOffice or LibreOffice, when it comes to viewing.

Comment Re:OSX would be nice... (Score 1) 61

Since it's not acceptable we are very happy to receive your contributions here. Most progress is achieved by people who think that something is not acceptable. Seriously, I wonder what gives you this sense of entitlement. Everybody who works on Calligra is a volunteer except for the few hired by KO GmbH in Germany who provide support for Calligra. But they are doing the bidding of their customers, who apparently haven't seen fit yet to pay for a mac port. So in this case it's either put up or wait until somebody with more initiative creates a package on the Mac.

Comment This is HUGE (Score 2) 70

I really cannot understand why there is not more interest in this. This is HUGE: It's the first and only fully free working environment for tablets. And it presents a new way of working with tablets (activities) that seems to be more suited to our brains than other paradigms. And it's beautiful to boot.

Submission + - First Version of Calligra Released (

ingwa writes: "The first version (2.4) of the Calligra Suite was released today. Calligra contains both office and creative applications and is the only one of the free office suites that actually have anything working on mobile platforms. Calligra is the office suite that was used as engine for the office applications on the Nokia N900 Maemo phone and the N9 MeeGo smartphone. The release of version 2.4 is the first official one and many expect Calligra to rival LibreOffice and in a few years."

Comment Re:Calligra (was: KOfffice) (Score 2) 180

No, this is not correct although I understand why you might get that impression.

Here is the short story on the Calligra Suite:

Calligra was indeed spun off from KOffice about a year ago. Some call it a fork but it was actually more of a split. Some applications moved to Calligra (KPlatoPlan, Kexi, Brainstorm, KPresenterStage), some others were indeed forked ( KWordWords). Many of them got new names as did the whole suite (which you can see in the previous sentence).

KOffice was a nice enough office suite for users with simple needs, but the Calligra team has bigger plans. One of the big strengths oof Calligra is that it's both very modular and the UI is well separated from what we call the Office Engine which handles loading, storing, saving, and rendering of documents but not editing. This is the result of the work from the last 2 years, much of it sponsored by Nokia. During the same time the engine itself has also been much improved with a completely new text layout engine, automatic tests to ensure that we don't get any regressions, many new features and improved stability. There is a company called KO GmbH that does commercial work on Calligra, and they have had most of their business around the engine and the import filters for Microsoft formats.

So during this last year much much energy has been put into the office engine which benefits all platforms / UI's and a number of new UI's have been developed: Nokia Harmattan Office for the N9, Calligra Mobile for the nokia n900 (this one is actually a bit older), Calligra Active for the Plasma Active environment which just got announced will be used in the Spark tablet.

What has indeed been lagging behind was the desktop UI which would give you the impression that you got. But the last few months we have also seen a lot of work here. The style manager has been improved, the text formatting dialogs (actually dockers in the case of Calligra desktop) are much nicer now and new features like footnotes/endnotes and many others have been developed and integrated. Note that these features were already present in the engine so it was a relatively minor effort to implement them in the UI. Also other applications than the word processor have gotten a number of new features but Calligra is so modular that it's sometimes difficult to say which application benefits the most from a new feature. If it's available in one application it's also available in the others provided that the feature makes sense in them.

Now we are getting closer to the first release. We hope it will be at the beginning of March, and we have great hopes that people will like what we have done.


Submission + - The Calligra Suite Ported to Android (

ingwa writes: "The Calligra hacker Marijn Kruisselbrink writes in his blog ( that he has ported the Calligra Suite to Android although it's still only a proof of concept. This means that Calligra is establishing itself even more as the office suite for mobile devices. Previously it was ported to Maemo, MeeGo and included in the Nokia N9 and N950 smartphones out of the box. Noteworthy is that the port only took a few weeks and it includes a touch based interface."

Comment Use Calligra instead (Score 3, Interesting) 129

If you want to embed or reuse a library then I would suggest that you would be better off by using the Office Engine from the Calligra Suite (http// It is already used in many mobile and embedded places, e.g. the office viewer in the Nokia N9 smartphone. The engine -- and the apps themselves -- are all under LGPL which makes it usable even with non-free apps.

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