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Comment LDP setting stage to restart reactors (Score 5, Interesting) 274

Regardless of the safety of modern reactor designs, Japan's seismic instability and high population density makes it an inherently inappropriate location for nuclear power plants.

The back-pedalling on previous emission pledges and blaming it on idled reactors is all about convincing the domestic electorate to approve nuclear power. The LDP is responsible for putting Japan on the path of nuclear power dependency in the first place, and now that they are back in power they want this particularly bad idea resuscitated.

Japan has a long way to go before exhausting its latent solar, wind, geothermal and conservation potential. With plenty of industrial capacity to embark on leading the world in non-nuclear, non-fossil-fuel energy infrastructure, the LDPs obsession with nuclear is a clear sign of their lack of wisdom and cozy relationship with the like of Mitsubishi.

Comment low emissions justifies Prius (Score 1) 633

I bought a Prius for the ultra low emissions rating. The hybrid design does not merely reduce fuel consumption through the electric motor's torque efficiency and regenerative braking, it also allows the gasoline engine run cycle to be optimized for lower emissions. Result: Lessened threat to children and grandparents with respiratory problems in my city.

Comment OS X Lion virtualization? (Score 2) 365

With OS X Server being rolled into the client release of 10.7 Lion, will the virtualization license that allows OS X Server to be run as a guest OS in VMware Fusion and Parallels Desktop on Apple hardware be extended to the client OS? That would be a big help to developers and IT departments needing to maintain test configs and archives.

Comment Re:Stupid Idea (Score 1) 1026

I much prefer riding trains to planes. My stress level plummeted when I started taking the Capitol Corridor Amtrak service instead of commuting by car via Interstate 80. No road rage, productive downtime with power outlets aplenty, lots of room to stretch out, quiet. Even the occasional right-of-way interruption is tolerable when you have a net connection and work to do.

North America desperately needs an alternative to the noisy, smelly modes it is dependent on now. If you think of high-speed rail as terrestrial aerospace, the US is way behind Europe and Asia in establishing a key competency for managing higher population densities.

Burning petroleum, now that is a truly stupid idea.

Comment Re:Everonmentalism I can agree with (Score 1) 257

So, leaving your porch lights on all night is where the "everon" in the title comes from?

A prius? Value isn't there. High up-front costs, low performance. I think not.

The Prius blows away just about every other gasoline powered vehicle available today in the highest up-front cost performance factor in history: Emissions. Extremely low emissions is the best reason to get a Prius, especially if you live in an area with a high incidence of respiratory disease amongst children.

Other Hybrids... Before long, NASCAR is going to see that there's some way to make this hybrid stuff make cars go faster and farther without a pit-stop... There are four industries here that drive new tech for the consumer. Military, NASA, Nascar and pr0n.

Toyota and others put electric motors in their SUV drivetrains for the acceleration performance enhancement (peak torque available at zero RPM) as much as the eco-branding. No, NASCAR is not going to be the primary race format to develop this technology, unless they start adding a lot more road courses that actually require the use of brakes.

I'll never have to worry about being without my iPhone cable again. At a neighbor's house? Good, their's is the same.

USB was already becoming the de-facto power port for low power devices like mobile phones, especially in the form of AC adapters and battery packs with the ubiquitous USB Type A receptacle. The new EU standard enforces USB power negotiation (thus the "data phone" mandate), but I'd bet real money that Apple bundles a dock connector-to-microUSB adapter instead of polluting the iPhone enclosure with an extra port, and continues shipping a version of its Type A receptacle AC adapter updated to comply with the new EU mandate.

Comment Re:Horses Asses (Score 1) 901

It's not just the width of the solid rocket boosters. A much more serious design trait of the SRBs driven by the low-bid contractor's dependency on railroad transportation is that they are segmented only in order to fit on railroad freight cars. If the job had gone to Thiokol's competitors, structurally simpler, stronger and lighter one-piece SRBs would have been built in Florida and the Challenger disaster would have been averted--no segmentation of SRBs, no o-rings, no leak, no exploding main fuel tank.

This has always tainted the Shuttle project in my eyes. The sooner we move away from that awful jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none design the better, and banning all future use of Imperial Units at NASA regardless of the $350M cost to the Constellation program would honor the sacrifice of those who died because of previous cheapskate decisions.

Submission + - The largest commercial Linux installation

Gary writes: "Almost all movie studios primarily use Linux for animation and visual effects, but with more than 1000 Linux desktops and 3000 Server CPU's Dreamworks Animation is the largest commercial Linux installation. At the desktop, Dreamworks uses HP xw9300 workstations running RHEL 4 and the renderfarm uses HP DL145 G2 servers, with 2GB per core the servers have 8GB of RAM as they have 4 cores. Solid support for threading, NFS and LAMP toolsets are a few of the advantages with Linux."

Feed Megatech's Avion indoor R/C plane defies laws of logic (

Filed under: Misc. Gadgets

You can thank the ominous sounding Megatech International for making your indoor-flying fantasies come to life with their latest remote control offering, the Avion. With its miniature 7.5-inch wingspan, petite 8.4 gram weight, and adorable Spectrum-Link Optic-Control (which uses "Stereoscopic range finding" for tracking, similar to human eyes), the Avion can supposedly glide and twist through small indoor spaces -- a feature apparently in high demand among R/C plane enthusiasts and precocious Red Baron-imitating mice. Check the video after the break for smooth sounds, and an even smoother hallway flight show.

[Thanks, Vincent]

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