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Comment Re:TLDR version (Score 2) 252

TL;DR - she's writing a book and wants us all to know, and Wired is cooperating. It's a fluff piece. Apparently we should buy it when it comes out.

As the sibling posts also say, you wrote a really bad summary. I think you just wanted to be cynical, or troll.

Aside from the fact that she'll apparently release the book copyleft, there's also the fact that it's a scholarly work - a good way to lose money.

A better summary would be something like "Anthropologist studies nerds, finds that they have an interesting culture and a clear interest in civil liberties issues."

But of course that isn't relevant to Slashdot. There are no nerds here, and no one cares about civil liberties here, right? We just discuss computer parts endlessly, right? I hope some smarter moderators show up soon.

I just want to thank you for your post, sadly have no mod points to give

Comment Re:What if I dont know I am radioactive ? (Score 3, Funny) 545

I am not from USA, but from ex USSR. It's not that we have radioactive waste everywhere lying around, but there could possibly be some "over the level bolt" lost somewhere in some abandoned base. So if that bolt happens to end in your car, I would be happy if police stopped me, and checked why my car was radioactive.

More to the point - if somebody transports nuke, they better get stopped.

I didn't know S.T.A.L.K.E.R. was based on real life. The more you know .-*

Comment Re:Countersue (Score 1) 214

The best way to get these guys is to cut off their revenue stream. Stop buying [1] their crap.

[1] By "buying" I also mean downloading, for by doing so you are endorsing it, giving it further mindshare.

But the drop in revenue will only be attributed to more pirating.

Yeah. Kindly fuck off with your "stop buying/downloading" and actually get off your ass and give a shit like the rest of us.
I've contacted the EFF about issues like this, what have YOU done, mister "sit around and do jack shit"?

Comment Re:HotS (Score 2) 435

knowing that somebody RIPPED YOU OFF

Microsoft ripped me off with Mechwarrior 4 and its "I don't like your CDROM drives" DRM. Since the package was open, I was SOL at CompUSA. I stopped buying new PC games then, and have been playing only console or old PC games. And CompUSA went out of business; good riddance.

If it makes you feel any better, Mechwarrior 4 Mercenaries was re-released for free!

Comment Re:factor 5 has some stuff out (Score 1) 361

This site doesn't appear to be any more legal than the other ones you expressed concern about. Look on their license page.. They don't have the legal standing to offer you these games for non-commercial use, they're just operating under a legal theory that pirating abandoned games for non-commercial use is legal (or at least it's not going to get you or they into trouble). Very similar to the underdogs website theory (

Not quite sure what this comment is about. Factor 5 made Katakis, and have the rights to the Amiga versions of R-Type and BC Kid. It's kind of too late to debate as to whether or not they can offer these games for download.

Comment factor 5 has some stuff out (Score 2) 361

Bonk/BCKid, Katakis, and R-Type:

Factor 5s first game as a free download for everybody who loved the Amiga or just plain historical interest – also known in other parts of Europe as Denaris. 50 frames per second of high-adrenaline shooting action very reminiscent of R-Type.
Note: This only works 100% with the UAE emulator .
Katakis, R-Type and BC KID are not provided for the public domain. You are entitled to download and use these games only for non-commercial purposes. All copyrights are retained by their owners. Any distribution of this data through any medium unless specifically permitted by the copyright owners is not allowed.

Comment Re:But who is anonymous this time? (Score 1) 183

That's the thing with anonymity, isn't it? Anyone can be anonymous on the internet. Isn't one of the main ideals behind anonymous that it cannot be false-flagged? Notice how the media and even /. is trying their hardest to portray anonymous as a single, organized group.

Gee golly I sure wish I had mod points

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