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Comment Anonymity is a requirement (Score 1) 480

The author doesn't understand the requirements for elections. It should not be possible to bribe or coerce anyone for their vote. Anonymity is therefore an absolute requirement.

If votes were tied to identities you could have politicians bribing individuals for votes. Coercion could come in various forms, not just threat of violence, and it doesn't have to happen immediately. "I'm sorry you and your children are starving, Ms. Hudson. This is completely unrelated, but I see you voted against us during the last election. Ah, according to the computer, we're completely out of funds to help, sorry."

Comment Imagination? (Score 3, Interesting) 590

Are we so unimaginative now that it's not possible to come up with and build new characters? Existing characters have to be completely substituted, just to piggyback on the established lore and history?

And for what? To satisfy some new gender-equality metric? Seriously, I know it would take time and effort, but surely you can come up with a compelling unique story for a woman without them having to be propped up by a different character's previous popularity.

Comment Re:another language shoved down your throat (Score 5, Insightful) 415

If you didn't want to learn programming languages, why are you taking computer science courses?

If you're being force-fed anyways, I think python would be much easier to stomach than java for introductory courses. And it would be much easier to grade (if grading consisted of more than "did it output correctly") since introductory students aren't exactly known for their exceptional code organization and formatting skills.

Comment Stop Assuming Appliances Can DropIn Without Config (Score 3, Interesting) 378

From this to Highway Sign Hacking to that researcher that made a botnet of home routers with default config to ping the whole of ipv4, I really hope admins are getting the point that you can't just drop appliances in public places without adjusting the default configuration. What critical infrastructure is left out there just begging for someone with an operator's manual to wreck it, or even worse, exploit it? Can we get a wake-up call to the administrators of these appliances?

Comment Re:Too dangerous to keep digitally now? (Score 1) 378

With that sentiment, you'd never put *anything* online. This whole thing is just some asshat ATM admins leaving stuff in the *default configuration*. This is the equivalent of buying a home router and not changing the default password (though nowadays routers come with individualized passwords, but they didn't used to).

Comment Re:Not an advertisement... but er, yes, yes it is (Score 5, Insightful) 66

The benefits of a hoverboard over a skateboard include being a smoother ride, being able to navigate over rougher terrain, requiring less manual pushing, and, well, just straight up flying.

While Onewheel doesn't exactly fly, it does cover the other three benefits (and on manual pushing, it's even better than Marty's), so I think it's fair to call it the closest thing to hoverboards yet.

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