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Comment Re:Yay for common sense (Score 1) 612

What I haven't seen in discussion yet is the fact that being trained from high school onward by a given company can really limit your mobility, even if you're competent. It doesn't matter if it's a "long missing concept in society" -- the fact remains that a lot of modern employers won't take a chance on someone without the de facto work ethic test that college has to a large extent become.

Submission + - RIAA costs UW-Madison $300,000

An anonymous reader writes: In the last few years, the University of Wisconsin Madison has spent more than $300,000 to prevent and resolve allegations of illegal downloading and sharing of music by users of the university 's computer network. Noting that UW-Madison ranked No. 10 among all universities nationwide for its number of alleged RIAA copyright violations. Via

Submission + - "Desktop Supercomputer" - Simpler Parallel (

infidel13 writes:
Parallel processing on a massive scale, based on interconnecting numerous chips, has been used for years to create supercomputers. However, its application to desktop systems has been a challenge because of severe programming complexities. The Clark School team found a way to use single chip parallel processing technology to change that.... "The single-chip supercomputer prototype built by Prof. Uzi Vishkin's group uses rich algorithmic theory to address the practical problem of building an easy-to-program multicore computer," said Charles E. Leiserson, professor of computer science and engineering at MIT.

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