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Comment Re:Since they determined autopilot wasn't to blame (Score 1) 187

Nah... it's not a semi tractor-trailer rig. The "semi" qualifier belongs to the "trailer" part. It's a tractor-semitrailer rig. The trailer is a "semitrailer" because it is only self-supported on the rear end ("semi" meaning "half"). The front end of the trailer is actually over the tractor (pivoting on the "fifth wheel", so to speak), so the trailer only partially trails the tractor (the part with the cab, engine, etc). If you get fancy, get it right.

Comment Re:No. (Score 1) 148

Geting users to patch quickly to the latest version of your software can be really hard, but if you link to libraries that they are getting automatic security updates to anyway, you're probably in a much better place. Take, for example, TLS. If I code against Schannel, and Schannel has a bug that causes a serious vulnerability, Microsoft is almost certainly going to update Schannel without changing the interface in a way that will break my code. Same goes for OpenSSL. If I link against OpenSSL and choose to package my app with a dependency on the distros' OpenSSL pacakage instead of bundling it myself, yum-cron or apt-whatever is going to take care of the problem for me.

Comment Re:Not the only criticism (Score 1) 89

You are on the money about hiring trends with teachers. Just look at this: http://www.dpi.state.nc.us/doc... The raises are barely enough to keep up with inflation, at least during normal economic times, and you can't raise a family of four and pay the mortgage on that. I have a B.S. in pure math, and would be eligible to teach lateral entry (initially without certification). Who would actually want to teach for that kind of money, though? They will not consider relevant experience outside of the teaching profession, either. After 25 years of experience, you'd still make less than the starting salary of any job worthy of a math degree in industry.

Comment No. (Score 4, Insightful) 598

I have access to UTC whenever I need it, of course, but local time is an invaluable tool. It tells you something about the temporal state of your surroundings, which UTC just doesn't do. I'd much rather set my phone alarm for 7:00 AM local time, and when I fly to the west coast, not have to remember to adjust it back 3 hours... It's easy to remember that Western Europe is about 5 hours ahead and California is 3 hours behind. The cost of adjustment is simply not worth whatever benefits it affords.

Comment Re:No reason to upgrade (Score 1) 127

Agreed. I did the Apple development stuff for my company for a while and had a ton of devices. My favorite is the iPad mini. You cannot beat it for indoor reading - it's just the right size. That said, it did not make the leap to iOS 10, so it will probably end up being in pwn3d soon. Security updates won't be there much longer - which is a shame. I hope someone finds a way to put a third party OS on it (maybe they have already - I just haven't looked yet).

Comment They did cheat on taxkes (Score 1) 410

They didn't cheat on taxes, you unbelievable nitwit. Ireland is a sovereign country and they decided what Apple paid. As Ireland itself has said, if Apple owes tax, it is not owed to Ireland.

A better analogy would be the US retroactively eliminating deductions (standard or itemized) retroactively and asking you for back taxes and interest. Even more accurately, it's like the US ruling your state's deduction was illegal and claiming you owed your state back taxes and interest, even though your state agrees with you. But I guess that seems totally fair and happens all the time, right?


They made this deal with Ireland to book the revenue there at a preferential rate. However, part of why the EU determined that they had to pay up is because they didn't really have the office they claimed to have in Ireland. It was a corporation-on-paper-that-didn't-really-exist. I don't really have much patience with that.

You shouldn't be able to have your cake and eat it, too. Some people seriously believe that there should be no corporate tax at all, but if you want corporations to have the rights of persons, then they must also have the responsibilities of persons (e.g. paying taxes).

Apple's CEO is stuck in a regrettable place, though. His responsibility is to lead the company to be as valuable to the shareholders as is legally possible, which in part means minimizing liabilities, including taxes. I have little doubt that they thought this structure was legal.

Comment Re:Security (Score 1) 239

I doubt that IT costs are a burdensome percentage of fares. I bet it's mostly fuel, equipment and labor. A 737 costs about $50 million, and I'm guessing another million a year to maintain over a 20-yearish lifespan. Assuming 1000-ish flights a year with 150 paying seats on the flight, you're talking about $25 per ticket to pay for the plane. Fuel is about $5/gal, with average per seat mpg of 80-ish. So we're talking $50 per seat for fuel... up to $75. Add in labor, airport costs, taxes, etc... I'm just willing to bet that IT costs are less than 2% of a plane ticket. I bet adding proper redundancy would just be a drop in the bucket.

Comment Security (Score 1) 239

Delta has demonstrated that it, one of the world's largest airlines, doesn't co-locate it's critical infrastructure in redundant data centers with fail-over mechanisms. Delta's inability to operate has ripple effects in the operations of other airlines as well. Now criminals know that Atlanta is an Achilles' heel, and to cripple the world's air transportation systems, they need only attack it's power grid. Obviously, market incentives are not sufficient to make them have a more robust infrastructure. I think the FAA needs to step in here and regulate a little sanity into the system.

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