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User Journal

Submission + - Is Daylight Savings Shift Really Worth It?

Krishna Dagli writes: Two Ph.D. students at the University of California at Berkeley says that Daylight Savings Shift will not do any good or energy saving. We are already spending money for software upgrades in the name of saving energy and after reading following article I wonder has congress really studied the impact of DST shift?
Media (Apple)

Submission + - New Get a Mac ads

Nik writes: "New Get a Mac ads Apple has posted six new adverts in its UK 'Get a Mac' campaign. The new ads, which feature award-winning comedians Mitchell and Webb as a PC and a Mac, cover file transfers, networking and ease of set-up."

Googlebot and Document.Write 180

With JavaScript/AJAX being used to place dynamic content in pages, I was wondering how Google indexed web page content that was placed in a page using the JavaScript "document.write" method. I created a page with six unique words in it. Two were in the plain HTML; two were in a script within the page document; and two were in a script that was externally sourced from a different server. The page appeared in the Google index late last night and I just wrote up the results.

Feed The Hard Drive as Eye Candy (

Once relegated to a back shelf in the electronics store, external units will soon don brushed aluminum cases, decorator colors and glowing lights.
Hardware Hacking

A 3D Printer On Every Desktop? 426

holy_calamity writes "Two Cornell researchers have designed an open source 3D printer that costs just $2,400. The self-assembly kit is part of what they call the Fab@Home project — they hope it will spark development of rapid prototyping for the consumer market in the same way the Altair 8800 did for personal computing in seventies." Here is a video showing a completed machine constructing a silicone bulb (16-MB WMV).
Update: 01/10 04:02 GMT by KD : The developers of this kit are at Cornell, not Carnegie Mellon University as the original post erroneously stated.

Submission + - Google Page Rank Update

rugjeff writes: "Are you ready for another update from Google...I know I am. My blog is only a few short months old and is still sitting on a page rank of zero. From the news I am hearing Google is set for another update on January 28, 2007. You can find out some more information from a site that predicts Google page rank updates.

If you are curious on how your page rank will be effected by the new update, check out this page rank prediction tool by iwebtool. If the tool is accurate, and I believe it is, my page rank will raise to 4. Not great but much better than zero.

Most of the information on page rank and page rank updates can be found here. I have to give thumbs up to the post and the blog. If you have the time check it out for tons of great tips and useful information.

Keep blogging, getting [tag]backlinks[/tag] and building relationships... You still have time to raise your page rank a little higher before the update."
The Courts

Submission + - YouTube ban reversed in Brazil

xirusmom writes: "From reuters: A Brazilian judge reversed his order to ban the YouTube site in Brazil. MTV Brasil, where the model in the center of the controversy, Daniela Cicarelli, hosts a show, has received thousands of emails of protest. A website urging people to boycott the modelwas set up, and a blogger had an online petition signed by around 7500 people. The ban on the sex video itself is still valid."
PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - Gentoo on the PS3 - Full install instructions

An anonymous reader writes: My friend Jake just bought a PS3, and he wanted to install Linux on it. Since he didn't know much about Linux, it was my responsibility to help him with it. His requirements — Install a distribution which is easy to maintain and run. He wanted to make the full use of his Linux install, so he needed a distro which wouldn't hold him back with frustrating problems. The only solution was using a distro which had a better package management system, and did its work without bothering you, the end user. Having used Gentoo extensively, I knew that this would be the solution to my problems. What follows is full install instructions, plus personal opinions, on why Gentoo is better than Fedora Core or YDL on the PS3
The Internet

Submission + - Net Neutrality: Professor Yoo Responds To Comments writes: "Professor Yoo responds to comments left on Network Performance Daily and on Slashdot regarding his views on Network Neutrality: "Thanks to Network Performance Daily for giving me the chance to discuss some of my ideas and to the various readers on Network Performance Daily and for their comments. The comments suggesting that QoS and optimizing networks have nothing to do with network neutrality are a testament to how much the network neutrality debate has changed over the last year and a half. For example, the network neutrality Policy Statement [PDF] issued by the FCC in August 2005, which remains the focus of the network neutrality conditions in the AT&T-BellSouth, Verizon-MCI, and SBC-AT&T mergers, it focuses on providing differential service on the basis of application and devices as well as content source.""

Submission + - Google Earth has left beta.... again

dickeya writes: Approximately one year after the Google Earth version 3 client moved out of beta, the version 4 beta has done the same. The official announcement hasn't posted, but from the Google Earth Blog:

Google Earth 4 is officially released! The beta program began 6 months ago, and now almost exactly 1 year after GE 3 was released, GE 4 is no longer in beta (latest version is 4.0.2722). See the Google Earth home page for details, or just go download GE 4 now. GE 4 has many new features not available in the earlier version. Many of the features have been described in this blog over the past few months. Here are some highlights and why you should definitely consider upgrading.

If you haven't checked it out lately, now's a good time.

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