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Comment Re: Shorter summary (Score 2) 144

Hypocrisy- I don't think that word means what you think it means. Well that or there is a lot more to this story than what is printed on this page.

Even if we buy into the suggestion that the GP is a "lock her up" fan (there is evidence in word or text of law of wrong doing, Comey inserted a mens rea test into the application of a law which the law in question specifically avoids in order to say no charges are warranted because Hillary didn't mean to break the law. The only people not questioning that are Hillary supporters and never trump'rs) , I still don't see the hypocrisy here- or even a connection to the new AG or some Alt Right team member- whatever that is supposed to mean anyways.

Comment Re:Slashdot silence on Trump & Russia. (Score 3, Interesting) 273

Those of us with memories also know that Hillary as secretary of state took credit for parts of the Arab Spring and was trying to take credit for the Libya uprising until it went south. This was so prominent at her time in the State Department that Putin even accused her of interfering in Russian affairs and organizing protests after a parliament election.

If Russia was involved in the US election, it was likely retaliation for that. People who remember that don't worry that their involvement was to help trump but assume it was little more than to defeat Clinton who has been accused or similar crap.

Comment Re: This will never happen, even if I want it to. (Score 3, Informative) 273

No, someone doesn't need to be convicted to be pardoned. President Nixon was never convicted (or even impeached) and he received a pardon from President Ford over the Watergate charges after he resigned.

There is an implicit admission of guilt in accepting a pardon. But my understanding is that you really have no choice in the matter as once a pardon is issued, it is valid from the perspective of the government whether you accept it or not (they will no longer attempt to prosecute or detain/punish you for the crimes you were pardoned over).

Comment Re:If you always seem to have bad roommates... (Score 1) 433

If you know it was the other guy and not you, why are you dealing with depression and second guessing yourself still? Seems to me that you would or should have moved on and recovered or something by now.

I've had jobs where I had to deal with asshats. I was unhappy and probably depressed under a clinical definition. But all that changed when I changed jobs and didn't deal with assclowns. I actually enjoyed my job and was happy until they hired new bean counters and started scrutinizing everything which I left for yet another job.. I even had one job that turned around and was great after the asshat wrecked his car and took 4 months off to recover from life threatening injuries.

If you are letting someone who has no contact with you continue to influence your life or mental state, perhaps you need professional help or something. I just don't understand how it is possible.

Comment Re:Well that's a hell of a security hole. (Score 5, Insightful) 254

It's more like the little girl told the echo what it wanted for Christmas or something and the news caster paraphrased.

In case he wasn't though, Amazon's own voice ordering fact page says that when you attempt to order something it searches

Your order history - only Prime-eligible items.
Amazon's Choice - Amazon's Choice items are highly rated, well-priced products that are available to order immediately.
Prime-eligible items - including delivery by Prime Now for eligible items.

in an attempt to find/idntify what you ordered. If a dollhouse was on the Amazon's Choice list, it would have been ordered under this policy.

Comment Re:What I do (Score 1) 433

You need to do a little more than that to make it believable. Break into his car and look for hair strands around the seatbelt and head rest area. Or get into his bathroom and find a brush or comb they use- the trash can in there is a gross but good place to look also. Sprinkle a few strands of hair on the corpses. You could also follow them to a hair cut but make sure you pull the hair apart to make it appear it came out in a struggle and not just cut off. You also want to rig something they use to cause it to scratch them somehow. Taking a screw loose on a desk or something. After you notice the scratch or them bitching about it, collect the removed skill cells and try to stuff them under the fingernails of the victim.

Finally, you want to do something to make the person seem like he is loosing his marbles. Pay the local gang members to carjack him, shoot him up with heroin or some other street drug until he passes out, and leave him parked at a stop sign on a side street without taking anything from the car. Let him explain his DUI charge was someone else' fault.

Comment Re:Clearly a fake (Score 1) 124

That is because they purchase most of their military planes and parts and generally do not build them themselves (except one- T-35 PillÃn) . The
USA manufactures the bulk of them with one version from Spain (the CASA C-212) and one from Canada (the DHC-6 Twin Otter).

This is not counting the surveillance drone made in Israel (the Hermes 900 Star) or the two trainer aircraft the Embraer EMB 314 Super Tucano made in Brazil and T-35 PillÃn made in Chili. Although the Embraer EMB 314 Super Tucano is capable of a light combat role.

However, even if that wasn't the case, some names, words, or terms used in industry or trade settle on a common name widely in use even though a local language may have a term similar enough to be used in its stead. Suppose there are 20 different terms for altitude and heading, instead of a commercial pilot learning 20 different languages, they just learn what is needed specific to flying like altitude and can understand flight control anywhere in the world even if they couldn't sit next to the guy at a bar and hold a conversation with them without a translator.

Comment Re:and it should be (Score 1) 470

While I do not agree with your first argument as twitter is a private company/service that just happens to be popular, I couldn't agree more with your second argument.

Letting these idiots speak their mind is the only way to know who they are and it allows arguments other than name calling to show the errors of their ways. This may not influence them, but it sure as hell will influence those reading or listening to them. And if it doesn't, then we know who they are and can take steps if and when they get into any positions over others and act on that racism.

Racist views should be in the sunlight for everyone to understand their idiocy. Unfortunately, even a bling squirrel finds a nut but that is a price that needs to be paid.

Comment Re:Higher Minimum Wage push brings results! (Score 3, Interesting) 414

There are two minimum wages. One is a minimum the government sets for all employees to be paid and the other is the market minimum in which must be paid to attract and keep employees working under the conditions presented.

The government minimum is largely static outside acts of government but the market minimum is largely moveable with unemployment. The easiest and best way to raise a minimum wage is to reduce unemployment and let the market for employees demand a higher wage. This is a problem however because the economy has crapped out so badly that fast food jobs are seen as careers now instead of first jobs and stepping stones on a path to bigger and better opportunities. The worst part of this problem is that instead of looking at the situation and saying we need more and better jobs, a lot of people are content outside of wanting to raise the pay for these menial jobs.

When I got my first legal job (other than mowing yards and crap), unemployment in my area was low. I started at minimum wage but quickly progressed above it. All I had to do was basically show up on time and put a bit of effort at doing the work. My second job, which hired me away from my first employer at a raise, I went the extra mile for them and did pretty much anything they asked to the best of my ability and my pay quickly reflected it too. I was making 13 dollars an hour rolling burritos and flipping steaks on a charbroiler in the mid 1990s. $13 an hour might not seem like much but according to an inflation calculator one dollar in 1995 had about the same purchasing power as $1.56 in 2016. So in contrast, think of it as being paid almost $20 per hour in today's world and the minimum wage at then was $4.25 an hour (it went up from $3.35 when I first started working a few years prior).

If employment was there, by necessity, the minimum wage an employer could pay to keep an employee would by higher than the minimum wage. Those fast food jobs would go back to first job experiences and as stepping stones for people to show they can show up to work and follow directions enough to be hired at someplace that pays more.

Comment Re:Malicious Website? (Score 2) 147

This isn't a java/javascriipt or browser exploit.

It works by being able to send commands directly to the router as part of a url request. The router's web interface will process it unauthenticated as root.

I'm not sure how the malicious website would exploit it outside of presenting a link for you to click on as my understanding of web programing is limited to basic html and I need a cheat sheet at that. But it appears that this is within the web server inside the router so killing it off would negate the issue. But on that hand, you would have to reboot the router to log into the web page to administrate it. Alternatively, you likely could ssh or telnet into it and do it from a command shell if the ports are open.

Here is someone who has illustrated it a bit by using the exploit to disable the web server as a temporary fix.

Comment Re:treating the symptoms (Score 1) 360

You do realize that the federal government does allocate funding for schools in the exact same manner as highways and food stamps or housing and so on right? Outside of social security and medicare, it is all passed to the states for the state equivalent program to administer with strings attached to how it can be spent. The bulk of all of that is funded by state and local entities in the same way schools are funded. Highways are funded through a fuel tax and certain excise taxes on tires and such but the federal government has a constitutional right to establish post roads (highways)

And I didn't realize the context of your comment at first. I should have replied to the grandparent instead of you. But the manner in which taxes are collected is not an excuse, it is the order of things. The feds only have as much power as was ceded by the states via the constitution and their ability to stretch clauses beyond obvious meanings. War is a constitutional role for the federal government, schools- not so much. The same with everything else you listed. It exists as some stretch of some related power granted to congress which is why the funding is passed to the states to administrate.

Comment Re:treating the symptoms (Score 1) 360

The US government has never funded schools by much to begin with. It simple isn't their job to and all the funding they do give comes with strings saying how and when the funding can be spent.

The states and local municipalities largely fund schools and those political entities do not fund the wars. Your decrease funding to pay for a war might sound good but it shows a lack of knowledge on the scope and magnitude of education funding in the US.

Comment Re:Oracle benchmarks (Score 1) 90

You are correct to a degree. But this wouldn't be an ex post facto law. It would be the same as a no smoking in a public building law. It just means that actions that was once legal (smoking at the courthouse) is now not legal. So existing contracts would just become unenforceable in respect to the law after the law takes effect but nothing makes the provisions before the law takes effect illegal or punishable. This is further complicated with Calder v. Bull which sort of takes the line that only criminal laws can be ex post facto. So unless this law provides criminal punishment, the courts would likely ignore any ex post facto claims.

Now if the law says anyone who had one of these contracts before the law takes effect will be fined or imprisoned or otherwise punished, the ex post facto clause certainly would become valid. But a new law just means you have to change your behavior from the date it takes effect.

Interestingly, we have seen this ex post facto law situation with interest rates in which congress changed the rates for the Stafford student loan program to rates lower than contracted rates for a period of time from July 1 to to august 9th of 2013. H.R.1911 actually has language in it saying that it takes effect as if it was passed on July 1st 2013 even though it was signed into law a over a month later. Yet nobody challenged it.

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