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Comment Re:Quit making crappy movies. (Score 1) 395

It's very simple. Stop remaking the same movies over and over. Come up with something NEW for once.

There's plenty of new stuff out there, just not coming out of Hollywood. Netflix has new series which are pretty good, and Amazon has some good shows that are only getting better. The Man in the High Castle is well done, and they have one of their one episode pilots based on The Book of Strange New Things which was an amazing book. The subscriptions services' business model is just different, because a LOT of money can be spent on a movie or a series without worrying about whether it the project generates profit. For Hollywood, each project has to stand alone, and the people putting up the money are risk averse.

Irrespective of all of that, if Batman vs. Superman had been well written, none of this would matter. The original Ironman movie was incredibly well written and FUN, and the Marvel movies are usually FUN. Are the DC Comics movies FUN? What's the market for a dark, brooding movie with a crappy plot and dodgy acting about a world that cannot ever exist? Moreover, even if it were GOOD, movies have become so expensive that if you have kids you can't afford to go on a regular basis. Growing up, we saw more movies, but we had fewer other options. No DVDs or VCRs, no streaming, no INTERNET, no mobile phones. Even if movie prices are flat adjusted for inflation, peoples' incomes have been flat, adjusted for inflation, since the 1970s, and there are so many more THINGS which people spend money on.

Comment Windows 10 is bloated (Score 2) 333

Why is it a surprise that an OS created for desktop and mobile doesn't run as well as one written exclusively for desktops? Why is it a surprise that small businesses prefer an OS that works better for them than the "upgrade" which removed Pro features? Apple and M$ are both dumbing down their professional offerings. I anticipate the day when I'll have to go full Linux just to have something professional grade, and I'll have a single box for QuickBooks. Alas.

Comment Twitter is not profitable (Score 3, Insightful) 316

All the talk about censorship of certain users misses the point. TWITTER IS NOT PROFITABLE. Twitter has been around for, what, 10 years, and it still cannot make a profit. It has a stupid business model because TWITTER DOES NOT MAKE A PROFIT. If someone had a decent idea how to monetize the service to turn a profit it would have done so. Dorsey took charge, again, and still no profit. The headline could read "No One Buys Money Losing Tech Company."

Comment Re:We burn a ton of DVD's every week (Score 1) 385

Yeah, but that's a LAW FIRM. You also use FAX on a daily basis.

Actually, at least in Texas, most of the civil courts, and some of the criminal courts, have transitioned to electronic filing which provides for electronic service. It's truly fantastic. Sure, everyone still HAS a facsimile machine, but I also keep a typewriter and a VCR which haven't been used in years. Law firms re old tech central, but that doesn't mean most of the old tech is ever used. It's all for JUST IN CASE.

Comment Re:If my 11 year old washing machine nets me $50.. (Score 1) 443

My guess is Microsoft didn't quit this lawsuit because it just didn't feel like litigating that day, they did to halt the contagion of a precedent of four or five figure legal decisions over their Win 10 upgrade.

Except this woman won her lawsuit. Microsoft dropped their appeal. The precedent has been set. You might need to prove exactly what the forced Windows 10 "upgrade" cost you, but you can cite this case along with your proof. (BTW, you can't just "quit" a lawsuit if you are the defendant, but you could try to arrange a settlement to avoid setting legal precedent.)

"Precedent" means you can cite something. You can cite an appellate decision. Something that happened in small claims court . . . not so much.

Comment This is a good price point for a disposabl product (Score 1) 72

We have three Fitbit trackers in my household. I received one, a Charge, as a gift a little over a year ago, and it died. Not, "it doesn't stay charged," but "DIED." I won't charge, it won't sync. It can't be updated. It can't be found. I'm out of warranty, so I was offered a coupon by Fitbit support, but I would still be spending over $80 for something which, if you read the forums, is going to die another, eventually frustrating death. The Fitbit Charge should last about a week on a single charge, so it could not make it to 100 charge cycles? Really? In 2016? Not impressed. Give me something cheap and I won't mind. A $100 pair of ear buds which die in a year equals rage. A $20 pair? Meh.

While I'm on thinking about it, another thing which I don't like about all of these trackers is that they "track." For the most part, you're spending more $$$ to upload your data to a corporation. I don't want to pay to be the product. I've gone back to an old chest strap and watch combo which I've had for years because their batteries, which you can buy by the handful on Amazon for cheap, are replaceable. Oh, and I don't have to use Bluetooth for anything to work. Sometimes you don't need to chart your exercise. You just need to exercise.

Comment Re:C'mon Microsoft! WTF? (Score 1) 720

This right here. Not only is it tax season, but a currently supported version of QuickBooks Pro (which you have to upgrade every 3 years to keep using their payroll service) has a pop-up notification saying it WON'T WORK WITH WINDOWS 10. If you're a small business owner, your accounting software is not a small expense, and the "free" update to Windows 10 will end up costing you all kinds of money. I'm running Windows 10 on one of my laptops, and it's installed on a receptionist's computer. It's fine, but it's just an operating system. There haven't been too many hiccups, but it hasn't changed anyone's life. It would be nice if business owners could still update for "free" when they're sure that all of the mission critical software will still work.

Comment Tim Cook's Out of Ideas (Score 0) 412

The Apple Watch will never be more than a niche product even if it's the most successful smart watch by a long margin. There's just no case for most people to buy one. Sales of the iPad are in trouble. The only bright spot is phones, and it's a pretty mature market at this point. This is just one more way to increase revenue on accessories because there are no groundbreaking products on the horizon. Sure, Apple will continue to sell gargantuan numbers of phones in Asia and other developing markets, but I would suspect that the average "middle class" mobile phone buyer in a developing market is not going to replace their mobile phone every year for something newer, shinier, and really not much better. If Apple can squeeze $20 out of each of these folks it adds up into a lot of money.

Comment Re:Physical store advantage? (Score 1) 203

Walmart believes "Customers want the accessibility and immediacy of a physical store." That is why their online business is doomed to fail. Yes, sometimes you just want it right now, but then you'll drive to Walmart or whatever local store will have it and buy it. But often you want the real online experience with unlimited selections and no hassle with trips. Why would I buy something online and then drive to pick it up?

Completely agree with this. At my local Walmart, if I order something for in-store pickup, I drive there, park, go inside, and then walk to the BACK of the store, where I wait for an associate. If it's something large, I have to leave, go to my car, drive around to the rear of the store and wait outside at a door until an associate comes out with my package and doesn't help me load it. Or, I can order from Amazon and have UPS deliver it to my door in a couple of days. The immediacy they're talking about kills an hour of my time.

Comment Re:Naw, it's Doctors (Score 2) 696

Speaking of arrogant little fucks - yes, they DO have the right to take up a full lane of traffic. A bicycle has the same right to use the road that a car, pickup, or tractor trailer has. Exactly the same. You really need to review traffic laws.

I suppose it depends on where you live. In Texas, Section 551.103 of the Transportation Code states that "a person operating a bicycle on a roadway who is moving slower than the other traffic on the roadway shall ride as near as practicable to the right curb or edge of the roadway . . . " There are obviously exceptions, but as a general rule you don't get to ride in the middle of a lane here.

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