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Comment Re:When you have a machine from that era... (Score 5, Informative) 507

The main dev for DSL left, the updates are few to null. If it's not dead, it's dying. A newer, smaller, and active distro by one of the main devs of DSL is called TINYCORE. It's 10mbs and can direct-copy to an active hard drive to install. If TinyCore is too big, the same dev makes MicroCore. A full 2mb smaller.

Comment Speed Gamers doing Final Fantasy Marathon (Score 3, Interesting) 52

If you like Final Fantasy, you should hit up some time this week. They're doing a Final Fantasy marathon to raise money for autism. They've raised over $23 thousand already. Also hit up the slashdot article on it,
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Submission + - The Speed Gamers raise over $18 000 for Autism 1

Levonn Lawrence writes: "Moving in to day 4 of 7, TSG (The Speed Gamers) continue to play a Final Fantasy marathon for an unusual reason. The reason being... Charity. The guys at TSG are playing through every main Final Fantasy game from one to twelve, over a period of 7 days in hopes or raising $20 000 for ACT Today (Autism Care and Treatment). ACT is a charity helping to financially support families effected by Autism. The marathon started 6pm CST, Friday, July 17th, 2009 and is going until Friday, July 24th 2009. So far they've raised over $18 000 (not a typo) and they're only 70 hours in. Stop by and donate, message, and give them all the support you can."

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