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Comment Re:Show attached block devices (Score 1) 2362

oops. the squeaky wheel gets the oil, I guess. :-( thanks!

I do wish bash history had (at least optional) timestamps stored in it for each command. No good for mandatory auditing (users can always modify their histories to hide nastiness) but useful for comparing against other logfiles when troubleshooting stuff.

Comment Re:Show attached block devices (Score 1) 2362

I have this in $HOME/.bashrc:

if test "$PS1" ; then
                HISTFILE=${HISTDIR}/$(/bin/echo ${LOGNAME}-$(/usr/bin/tty)-$(/bin/date -Iseconds)
                touch $HISTFILE

It has the somewhat unfortunate downside of starting every shell with no history, but on the flipside it keeps a history of every interactive bash session you have, ever, ever. A must on production systems, IMHO. Upon reflection though I cannot figure out why the hell I put the 'echo' command there. Strange. I last touched that file in 2006. If you have NFS-mounted $HOME (which I don't) you could ad the hostname into the history filename too and keep a central log of everything you do on all such machines.

$ find ~/.history -type f | wc -l

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