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Comment Re:WOW, this is fucked (Score 1) 403

Well, a big part of India cozying up was because of Nixon and his threat to Ghandi. I could not believe that he actually threatened her with a nuke. How stupid can you be.
The other issue is that India got invaded by China back in the 60s and had to cozy up to somebody since they were surrounded by East and West Pakistan, along with China to the north. So, they picked Russia (who also saw china as a threat).

BUT, India continues to work closely with Russia, and I can tell you that there is nearly 100% chance that most of the Western companies that have been cracked by 'russians' , had just outsourced parts of production (not code, but admin) to India within the previous year. Sadly, ppl like Krebs ignores these issues, and I can not talk further about it. BUT, India is a VERY REAL THREAT to the west.

Comment Re:WOW, this is fucked (Score 1) 403

there are many companies that work with TLAs that do NOT get their security clearances. As snowden and a large number of chinese spies has shown, they are a joke. Instead, by focusing on hiring Whites (non-russian), blacks, and Latinos, they can reduce their risk a great deal.
Im all in favor of preventing race based hiring in NORMAL companies, which accounts for more than 99% of them. However, when it comes to national security, we really need to disregard these kinds of laws. They are KILLING US. LITERALLY.
And BTW, I HAVE dealt with Chinese spies.

Comment About to be a none issue (Score 1) 223

Seriously, German car makers are pouring in BILLIONS in hopes of stopping Tesla.
Oddly, they should be more worried about Chinese car makers since they have the financial backing of the Chinese gov, who will stop at nothing to beat down western companies.
However, within 5 years, it will be apparent to all, that NOBODY WANTS TO BUY AN ICE CAR. That might even apply to ICE based trucks and SUVs.

Comment WOW, this is fucked (Score 5, Informative) 403

This company works with TLAs so they are obviously working hard to hire ppl that are NOT SPIES. Yet, we have 2 main types of Spies to be concerned about: Russian and Chinese. Chinese and Indian account for the vast majority of the Asian ppl. Obviously, the CHinese are going to be looked over hard. So, that leaves the Indians. And oddly, within India's military, they are VERY close to Russia. Much closer to Russia than to the west. As such, Indians are going to be looked at as well.

And dept. of Labor is saying that we must hire ppl of which a known quantity is going to be spies.

I have dealt with 1-2 spies already and both were Chinese. I would hate to have Dept. of Labor be able to control a company that deals with national security to this degree.

Comment Re: Mature technology (Score 1) 236

no. closing nukes is the issue. We desperately need it. Without it, we will continue to burn coal and nat gas just like Germany is doing.
As I have pointed out elsewhere, no nation that has very low emissions is based on solar and wind. It is based on Hydro, geo-thermal, and nukes.
Personally, I'm a fan for wind and solar and actually want to see these keep going, though subsidies are all wrong.
However, wind and solar CAN NOT cover the situation. We NEED to have base-load systems, and since we are not capable of doing full geo-thermal, we MUST have nukes.
However, doing the old gen 3/3+ is a HORRIBLE mistake. Those are not safe enough, too expensive, and are NOT the right solution.
BUT, with the new SMRs, they ARE the right solution. All of them are capable of passive safety and are cheap to install. In addition, the ability to burn up the waste is very important.

Comment Re: Wot? (Score 1) 79

ther material is cheap. THe labor is expensive. 20/hr or more for doing that work. In the same length of time that it takes to put the plywood down on the rafters, is about the same length of time for putting down the Tesla Roof. So, no tar paper or shingles, which is money and time. And we just had our roof re-done 3 weeks ago. I forget how many sections, but, iwe have a 2 story 3000 sq feet home, so above average roof. We had 8 guys work on it. Took 1.5 days. That is the second time that we have had this done due to hail. Next time, we will install a Tesla roof which will almost certainly be strong enough to deal with the golf ball size hail that we get.

Comment Re:Need to stop exporting recycling goods (Score 1) 166

actually, I did not pull that from my ass. I have since 1967 been a recycler until 3 years ago. At that time, I spent some time looking into the industry (I was laid up with health issues). I found out that WM who said that they recycled local, does not. They send it all to China.
Likewise, I have had to get old parts to make some computers work, so I went to the local e-recycler. If it worked, they re-sold it and made money locally. If not, they broke it apart and sent the board with gold or silver to be shredded and then sent to china for smelting. It was shredded because it was less space (most cargo ships are volume constrained, not weight).

So, no, the ONLY one pulling out of their ass, is you.

Comment Re: But climate change is a myth!!! (Score 1) 205

good lord. idiots like you are the reason why we have this. China's gov and businesses make decisions such as remaining on 88% coal derived electricity. Why are they doing that? Because it is CHEAP. And why do they not run scrubbers on their coal plants? Because it raises the costs of their electricity. These are NOT CHOICES that the west made. These are choices that China made. Not its ppl, but the gov and businesses.
That is also why idiots like you that scream that it is up to individuals to make a difference has absolutely NO CLUE.

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