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Comment Re:Google has lowered itself to patent proxy wars (Score -1, Troll) 163

legally and reasonably

Yes. Microsoft is spending billions an year for Microsoft Research. It's the largest R&D center on planet, and they have made some remarkable things. Note that this isn't only about software patents, it's also hardware and true technical research. On the other hand, Google has never really done any R&D of their own. Their only own services are search engine and their advertising platform. Everything else is bought in, including youtube, google maps, gmail and so on. Hell, just recently Google banned one of their employees from publishing research on social networking on internet, even after initially approving it (and why he wrote it in the first place). He left and went to work for Facebook instead. But he still is not allowed to publish that research paper.

Comment Google has lowered itself to patent proxy wars (Score 2, Interesting) 163

In a surprising move, Motorola Mobility (which is to be taken over by Google), has won an injunction preventing the distribution of Windows 7 and the Xbox in Germany until Microsoft starts paying royalty fees for the patents

They are unhappy that Microsoft is, legally and reasonably, getting almost 1 billion an year from various other Android manufacturers because they are using Microsoft licensed technology. After Google acquired Motorola I've been sure and waiting for them to try to hit back at Microsoft and Apple. Motorola is good for Google because it acts as both proxy in patent wars (so that Google name itself doesn't get the damage) and because then Google can control the whole Android infrastructure from the OS to devices.

It is no wonder that other Android vendors have been worried about Google's plans. At least Microsoft strictly provides the OS for manufacturers to use. Google has its own hardware manufacturer too. If I ran a smart phone making company I would never use Android as Google just can't be trusted. At least use MeeGo or something similar open, or license WP7 from Microsoft. You can also always create your own OS.

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