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Journal indian_rediff's Journal: Immigration issues in the US - an update

I am quite certain that almost no one will read these writings. Still, here goes.

My cubicle neighbour just got a call from the US CIS (erstwhile INS) He is a youngster on an H-1B from India. A phone call from a visitor turned out to be a CIS agent coming in to our workplace to check on him. They wanted to verify that he was actually working where he had said he would be working. He missed the call, went to the guard station, got a card and called the number. There he had to give them his phone number, his employer's details, his client manager (the person he reports to). They had earlier called via the switchboard below and were directed correctly to his voice mail - so they didn't have to repeat that. But his employer has been called and details verified. His local manager (the client manager) has also been called. All is well.

And this is how the US CIS should be working. Finally, they seem to be doing their job.

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Immigration issues in the US - an update

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