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Comment Serious question (Score 4, Insightful) 88

Would the world one day get tired that Africa looks hopeless and let it go their way? It always looks like their priorities are something totally unrelated to what the world perceives as should be their "needs".

This is no bait nor trolling in any way, no need for AC, just want to know: if you donate like me, what do this kind of news make you think?

Comment Re:Demonstrates some simple things (Score 1) 73

I don't know, by default no updated install of windows or OS X can be telnetted/ftped from the outside with any sort of "default" password. Comparison is tricky because you can't really compare a kernel+webstack+controllers with a full blown desktop OS, you are right but it does not negate my point, programmers have to apply the most basic security checks, and any company that fails to employ proper professional should be taken out of business. Just like any government can close any factory that pollutes a river, they are polluting the tubes and the whole world is downstream.

Comment Re:defense as % of GDP (Score 1) 112

Oh I'm ok with you, America would do way better with those extra TRIllions, anyone would do better with some of that trillions. I was not justifying or condoning America's approach, I was just pointing out that once you committed on something like this, theres really no easy way to get out that does not end trashing all the china and having to pay more, in the end, after having to use your military anyway.

Comment Re:They didn't succeed though (Score 1) 667

> People the world over are finally showing how truly sick of the shit they are.

Just like Europeans were truly sick of theirs almost 100 years ago, and the they wisely elected those beacons of change and prosperity, right?

Lisandro is right, the fact that you can't see yourselves repeating the history is probably the saddest part of all. Or perhaps you notice and are ok with it thinking how much better you would come out of WW3, beats me really.

But you picked up the guy, give him a little time and impeach him when\if he starts to act funny.

Comment Re:So tell me again why should i buy stuff? (Score 1) 196

Even when it works and "plays for sure" it is still a massively inferior experience compared to listening a humble 16bit 48Khz FLAC file. So you get to spend battery, CPU cycles, Radio cycles and now storage space for an inferior experience? And you pay for it, yeah it's the golden age of the streaming media, when you don't know better Spotify and their ilk are like mana from heaven.

Comment Re:defense as % of GDP (Score 1) 112

Yes but India is not policing the world, you just can't compare, the stakes are higher if America fail on that and, yes, due to this America developed a cancerous military complex. America has to reach the whole globe now that Russia is back on their 300 year cycle of imperialism. Comparing any military in the world to the US one is pretty dumb, no other country has that much "surface" for attack, aka, useless allies.

Comment Re: No. (Score 1) 857

Corruption will happen on all political systems, in developing and developed countries alike, is an inherent feature of power not people. Only thing that work is going the China way, pretty hardcore laws agains corruption (Execution, bill family for the bullet after expropriation) Truth is the west let the Lobbyists grab as much power as they could, those do more damage than the average pork barrel slinger imo. Of one thing you can be sure, whomever wins will be the most monitored and "controlled" president in your history. That ship is long gone, maybe you all should focus on upgrading your laws and end the "choice theatre" of your bipartisan political system.

Anyway, I'm still thinking both Trump and Clinton are buddies and all this drama was just to wreck the R party, our grandchildren will know for sure perhaps.

Comment Re: That's excellent! (Score 1) 535

A shy grammar-nazi prop is all you got to reply to my point? It was not even meant to be a reply to you but the AC above (seems like you were the AC and you were sock-puppeting?), but replies to AC's are generally lost so, there you go. It is still lame and sad how some people think that their use cases where Linux work SHOULD apply to every industry in the world. It's been clear for almost a decade: Linux community does not give a fuck about anything related to the advertising industry, why should they? but then just don't pretend you care or imply that the industry don't know better for not using OSS software.

Comment Re:Demonstrates some simple things (Score 1) 73

No, how about programmers put their shit together and send the thing properly secured and stop passing the buck to the rest of the world? Is not your problem, it's grampa problem, or marketing problem, or PHB problem, never a problem with the people that actually copy pasted the Linux on those things.

I also love how in the whole discussion nobody mentions most of these things are running Linux and how Linus should be brought to the international court of justice which is the standard procedure when Microblows fuck up.

Comment Re:This is news because? (Score 1) 56

isn't it hypocritical to blame the manufactures when you leave to secure a Linux in the hands of the average gadget user, but shame MS when the same average user fail to secure the windblows box correctly? Which is it? oh right, it's the programmers fault, be it Linux or Windows, it's all your fault but obviously you would never admit to it, bonus points for spinning it in the direction of our memetic nemesis M$ which is not longer relevant to the game.

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