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Comment Re: Extremely ignorant (Score 1) 523

Nah, it looks more like "no president left behind" But he is indeed a more representative person of the average american population the "I'm american, i don't need to think, pop a pill" bunch. The bigot, the puppet and the burnout, you can pull a sitcom out of that, you're so owned by the media moguls that maybe thats the plan after all, theres no other rational explanation for this train wreck.

Comment Re:Move the damn Olympics! (Score 1) 147

Are you scared? You look scared.

Because Zika is a virus original from Africa thats presumed to arrive to Brasil with tourist from the World Cup last year, So 1 year has passed and I don't see a zombified Brasil (besides the current political drama)

They can't move the Olympics, but YOU CAN like NOT GO right?, where you planning on going in the first place? Were you planning on impregnate an Olympic athlete? So yeah most of the people in this website are even allergic of sports in the tv why do you care what happens in the Olympics, oh right, the terror to the imaginary boogey man du jour.

Comment Re:Paranoia strikes deep (Score 1) 512

Who's this "authoritative" entity that creates dictionaries
Who are you?
How is the pharma industry related to this authoritative entity?
How are you two related?
Whats you interest for the request?
Why would you assume I'm not paranoid and why is this dictionary right and not me?
Slashdot has teach me to distrust Rubi, and it look like you code Rubi by your username?
Is this going to turn into a SJW debate at some point?

Comment Re:Not funneled into (Score 1) 284

Youre more likely to repeat the 100 year cycle of "hey, everything is kind of fine, let fuck up the equilibrium for shits and giggles and bleed for 10 years or so another country far away can profit and get out of it like an empire" than to "get pass your racism." And those people trying to enter Europe, most, are not planning on staying, for them Europe does not represent a massive improvement in quality of life (compared to what a subsaharan immigrant might get) but not that much to have to put up with your xenophobe side, if Germany of all places is showing it...

On the other hand, kudos to London for electing a Muslim mayor, if he turns roge they might justify mass deportations, because we know you want to.

Disclaimer, I have no pony in this show, not even in the same hemisphere, it's just how it looks from here.

Comment Re:Paranoia strikes deep (Score 1) 512

I don't think it's paranoia, thats giving much credit to someone that obviously does not have the brainpower or the education to be paranoid. I'd say its more along the lines of TOO MUCH TV and a decade full of fear conditioning. Because obviously a turrurist is going to jump on a plane to do the math and build the bomb on the spot, why not, he has curly hair zomg.

Comment Re:All this proves is how many have no taste (Score 1) 46

We are entirely sure you have something as simple to do as a podcast to show us made by yourself, right? OH! how about you create a video log teaching people to create av content. I'm sure linux has 100% of the toolset required to create TOTL content so whats limiting any of the people that bash youtube quality in here? Thats the point, if you think you can do better, you do, and people decide, if people don't know better you can blame education, education decided by those who you vote for, so, if anything, I blame *you* for the north koreization of youtube.

Comment Re:Tracking is a tool (Score 1) 206

WTF are you talking about? Tracking is badd, fuck money, tracking and advertising is the root of all evil here on earth, why would you even dare to insinuate that any form of tracking have any use at all, if anything, tracking allows me to differentiate from the common luser and wave my adblock-e-cock in way that would make a vegetarian or cross-fit evangelist blush.

If anything what we really need to do is increase the number of adblocking options, and add more "pay-to-whitelist" options in them, so we can justify spending even more time with set ups so elaborate that can flip a switch or two in the NSA, yeah, we totally need to worry more about the capabilities and long term vision of a pop and mom tracking shop that our good fellows in the gov that swallow all our internet activities whole-pipe-in-mouth, because kids and turrurists.


I'm a legit paranoid guy, but really, reading the comments in any article about tracking makes me realize how retarded should I look to everyone I know when I go for my justification of why I don't do X thing, only thing clear here is that we have a lot of free time to worry about inane stuff, you should know better by know and assume FULL TIME FULL BORE ANAL PROVE TRACKING from the both groups of people that just want to know you better to spoil you better, ya all missed a memo in 2003.

Comment Re:There's Your Problem (Score 1) 1116

More like they know that we, the 90% of the population, are already high one way or another, because alcohol and pills obviously makes you more productive than pot! Fucking excuses for the continuation of the eternal freeloading. If NA is getting dumber now that is kind of hard to get ahead for the average citizen, imagine if those didn't even need to try. MAKE IDIOCRACY GREAT AGAIN!

Comment Re:Gr8. Let's help more countries outside the USA. (Score 1) 55

You pick the wrong angle to point how retarded is the term USasian, Think of IDK, Germany, appropriating of the term "European" ("because we won the war and edit the encyclopedias so why the fuck no") and then actively promoting it in spite of the whole lot of people of Europe who suddenly, are not "European" anymore. The word maybe here to stay but that will not prevent anyone to point how retarded it is, Americo Vespuccio didn't even explored North America. (Do you notice how I refer to Americo by his real name?, Same as we don't name your guy Jorge Washington around here, something something frigging common sense)

I don't actually think You (as a country) have the moral ground to request for a trademark name when people in your country loves to refer to TWO whole subcontinents of people as "Mexicans", damn right intentionally, because we deny ourselves to think that the education can be so poor in there, thats how you are, we kinda love you, but its still something decided more on hubris than on actual common sense and people will point it out whenever someone on a high horse appears.

It should be North Americans if you ask me, I know Canadians would be cool with it.

Comment Do the math. (Score 1) 206

Statistically, theres less people in the side of the bell of what you would call "intelligent" then the whole mass of people that will be around you on average, is probabilistically hard to find those people on which you can form real meaningful relations also when there is this "filter" of your intelligence checking on the ports of the human in front, it gets old, quick. I really admire people that being intelligent manage to be extrovert without the context or field of work demanding it. I would not say being by yourself improves your chances of success, me, being an introvert, I just mind having a decent SO who can provide all the levels of interaction I might need, and sometimes just one person gets to be too much. happiness\loneliness It's a spectrum! like almost any physiological trait but that will never stop psychologists (which I respect) to try to create all those little lockers where they classify people and their states of mind.

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