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Comment Re:Dislike WebOS (Score 1) 96

Yeah I didn't understand that either. It's got this great huge desktop area and you can't put anything on it. Then apps that are downloaded from the AppCatalog are stored in downloads, rather than 'Apps'. You have to move them yourself. I don't like the browser either. Dalingren did mention that there's a version of Firefox out there for the Touchpad's native OS but I haven't looked for it since I've installed Android. I do like the 'tossing away' of current tasks, but that's about it. I really prefer Android on this thing.

Comment easy (Score 1) 96

I had a really easy time installing Android on my touchpad. The only issue I have now is that if the touchpad sits idle for a while (around 10 mins or more) it will lock up and I have to hard-reset the touchpad. Otherwise, Android works pretty well. Just have to get a fix for the Facebook and Twitter apps, since Facebook locks because of the lack of a GPS locator in the Touchpad.

Comment It runs pretty well. (Score 1) 86

I installed the CM7 uh.. mod into my Touchpad and so far it works great. There are two bugs I've noticed, one of them very minor, the other somewhat major.

Firstly, when installing the mod into the tablet, I noticed that it deleted all of my comics on the webOS portion. I had a small stash of comics to read using the comicHD app, and they were deleted. Not a problem, I have backups, so that's a tiny issue that is easily resolved.

The other thing I noticed is that if the tablet is allowed to sit idle for a while and go to sleep, it will lock up after an unspecified amount of time. I noticed i left mine alone for a few hours to charge up, and it was locked. I had to hold the pwr/home buttons for 20 seconds to reboot it. But it came up just fine after the fact.

I really like Android so far. I'm an iPhone user so I'm more familiar with iOS but I wasn't a huge fan of webOS with the small amount of time I spent with it. It works ok, I suppose, but I dont like the browser, and the App Catalog is -as previously mentioned by others- very slim pickings.

Comment Re:Just got the official email about this (Score 1) 253

Don't be a douche. It has nothing to do with it being "only 8 dollars" and it has everything to do with "doubling their price if you want what they're already giving you, and also we're gonna remove a lot of stuff from our catalogue - but you still gotta pay us double for the 'whole catalogue'.

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