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Submission + - Droning Aircrafts Revived to Save Plannet. (

inTheLoo writes: The Register had an interesting interview with a top aero engineer about preserving aviation without ruining the environment. Electric airplanes that fuel up batteries from non carbon emitting sources is seen as the long term solution to aviation's carbon emission problems. A short term solution was "open rotor" aircraft, aka turbo props.

"open rotor" engines, a bit like a modern high-bypass turbofans writ large and with the outer duct removed. Prototypes have been around for decades, showing potentially excellent fuel savings, but open-rotor engines haven't made it into airline service because they are so noisy.

Airport noise limits, says Poll, are already causing increased emissions. The in/famous Airbus A380 superjumbo, for instance, has a "cruise fuel burn penalty" which is a direct result of design steps taken to make it meet Heathrow noise limits.

In the future, people may not get the droning noise joke from the movie Airplane. Current audiences should look at the total lack of "security" the movie shows and get their courage back. All of us will be lucky if air travel continues to be an affordable part of modern life.

It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Horny Teen Pregnancy and Dissatisfaction Risk

inTheLoo writes: Two amazingly obvious studdies are making the not news rounds. First, there's a correlation between sexy TV and teen pregnancy:

The research was based on a 2001 survey of 2,000 12- to 17-year-olds who were asked how often they watched any of 23 popular TV shows, .... Teens who watched shows where sex was regularly shown or discussed had two to three times the risk of pregnancy....

Assuming the subjects were equally free to chose the shows they watched, we come to the amazing conclusion that girls interested in sex are more likely to get pregnant than those watching cartoons. Another study shows that about half of women eventually lose interest in sex.

a new study in which researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston studied 32,000 women [finds] 39 percent of women 18 and older reported low levels of desire, 26 percent had problems with arousal and 21 percent had difficulties with orgasm. Women older than 65 had the highest levels of sexual problems, but they also reported the least amount of distress about the issue.

This can be summed up as half of all women are dissatisfied with their significant other and things only get worse with age.


Submission + - SPAM: Debt and Freeze, M$ Finally Going Down the Tubes.

inTheLoo writes: ESR predicted the fall of M$ if they were to lose their abilty to play games with stock options.

We can afford to pin some of our hopes on growth in Europe and developing countries and elsewhere, but Microsoft can't — the time horizon on it is too long for a company whose big challenge is to keep beating revenue expectations every quarter in a market where they have 92% share (if they don't beat those expectations every quarter, their stock tanks, the option pyramid collapses, and it's game over).

After ten years of flast stock prices and three quarters of missing expectations, is the end finally here? Twitter asks:

We've seen stories about how M$ is past it's prime, and how rejected their new OS is. Opinion of their new Office is about as low. Partners like CompUSA has gone under while others like Adobe are under full frontal attack for the remaining "profit centers". There's been a regular executive exodus. Now, after three straight quarters of missing Wall Street expectation comes news of massive losses, a now confirmed plan to go into debt buying their own stock and a hiring freeze. Is this, finally, the end of the end for M$?

Oh yes it is! Vista is a massive failure and they won't be able to do better with less.

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