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Comment Slingshot? (Score 2) 44

Has anyone calculated what effect Mars's gravity will have on the comets trajectory? Will it gain/lose velocity relative to the sun? Will it's orbit be narrower/wider (will the close encounter send the rock tumbling out of the system again, or will it smash into the sun)? Or will the forces involved be simply too small to have the tiniest effect?

Comment Re:Somewhere in Egypt (Score 3, Informative) 316

Actually, the Romans under Julius Caesar himself burned it first in 48 BC. Some accounts say accidentally. Next was Emperor Aurelian, who ordered the by then few remains of the original library burnt in around 272 AD. The coptic pope Theodosius outlawed paganism in 391 AD, which made people repeatedly burn "unwanted" literature for a few years. Finally, and this is disputed, Caliph Omar gave his general 'Amr ibn al-'As the order to destroy everything opposed to the Quran in 642 AD, which his army promptly and thoroughly supposedly did. By then, not much of the original collection was still there, as it was probably destroyed in the roman fires of 48 BC.

Comment A more under-the-radar reason XBLA/XBLIG sucks. (Score 1) 125

Apart from the obvious quality/crap ratio problem, there's also the MS points as currency conundrum. Why do some (mostly media) corporations insist on obfuscating prices with native point systems? It doesn' matter that they make odd bucks by uneven surplusses when people buy way way less by having to jump through extra hoops just to make a microtransaction? I buy 1/2/3/5-dollar apps all the time for iOS, and would probably do the same in Steam if I was a PC/Mac gamer, but on Xbox Live, when I have to buy big chunks of MS points at confusing rates and quantities? No thanks. And I'm sure that's a big part of the problem for XBLA/XBLIG. Just let people see the real price and buy with a single click (okay okay, thumbstick depress).

Comment Kudos (for once) to Zuckerberg. (Score 1) 544

My gut feeling tells me to instinctively feel negative towards anything about Mr. Zuckerberg, but in this case I have to pay the man some respect.

I've been a vegetarian for 18 years now (yeah yeah, I'm old and all that), not because I am against meat-eating per se (we are after all omnivores as a species), but because I am firmly against the meat industry. Animals are just a little more than commodities IMHO, even if only so slightly. There's also the question of environmental impact... Vegetarianism was the only sensible route for me personally at that time, but I'd gladly go the way of the hunter if it was feasible.

What, did you think meat came prepacked from the factory? Now, get off my lawn!

Comment Re:As John Gruber said (Score 1) 260

And while my instability will eventually be fixed, the iPad will never have widgets.

I wouldn't be so sure about either of those statements. All OSes have some instability issues, it seems. Something gets patched, another thing gets botched... And Apple has flagged for significant changes in iOS 5, so widgets could very well make their way onto the iPad home/lock screen.

Comment Re:Too pricey. (Score 1) 395

Put some pressure on your provider. After some haggling, I got a brand new iPad microSIM card tied in with my existing 10 GB/mo iPhone data plan for 4 bucks a month. I rarely go over 3GB/mo from both devices combined, so my provider is happy i chip in a few extra bucks a month, and I'm happy I don't have to have a new separate plan for te tablet. Win-win!

Comment Re:Wind Italy got it right (Score 1) 364

I got about the same deal on my contracts here in Sweden. One is 7 euros/mo, 500 MB cap, the other is an unlimited call/SMS/MMS plan with 10 GB data included for a grand total of 60 euros/mo (also including an iPhone 4). When I hit the cap in either plan, my telco imposes a 120kbit/sec limit, which still is sufficient for all but high bitrate video. I get what I pay for, and I never have to worry about being cut off completely. I'm a happy customer, and my telco makes money and gets to keep me as a customer. Win-win. The market works. Capitalism as it should be.

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