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Comment Re:facebook should stay out of it (Score 1) 387

But Facebook employees should feel free to do their part to support the candidate of their choice.

That brings up an interesting issue. How do social media sites such as Facebook handle posts by their employees? If I post something to my company's web site or intranet (even during off-hours) it better be both professional and business related.

Comment In Soviet Russia... (Score 1) 207

People in Russia, sadly, don't seem to care much about Panama Papers.

My first guess is that the people of Russia have more important things to think about. Based on the past actions of Putin, this probably doesn't even rank in the top 100 things to care about politically/legally.

Also, do we even know if this is illegal under Russian tax code? Even if it were, I'm guessing Russia would follow the legal maxim of rex non potest peccare (the king can do no wrong).

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