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Comment Re: Bravo EFF (Score 1) 333

Wikileaks didn't leak top secret docs. Bradley Manning did.

Wikileaks just published them. The 1st amendment guarantees the right to do that.

Keep in mind, the NY times, for example, reported a lot of this info, too. No one is accusing them of having committed a crime.

Comment Drug testing (Score 1) 171

I was thinking I'd buy up all the old machines at bargain basement prices and then sell them to companies that do ore-employment drug testing.

A common way to beat a drug test is to smuggle in clean urine, say, in a condom taped to your thigh. If people had to be naked-imaged first, this would be quite difficult.

If these machines can't be used to fight terrorism, my company could facilitate their use fighting the war on drugs. And make a tidy profit too.

Comment Does the DMCA apply overseas? (Score 1) 475

So if I want to travel to, say Europe, and buy a local SIM card, can I just wait until I'm in Europe, and then unlock my phone?

Does doing so still violate US law? Does possessing the still unlocked phone when I return to the US violate the DMCA?

I once thought I should open a DVD-ripping shop in Mexico. You ship your DVDs to me, I decrypt them and send them back to you along with the decrypted backups. Has any law been broken?

Comment Battery Charger (Score 1) 286

I carry around a spare battery for my Android phone. Often, I'm traveling or otherwise away from home for long periods of time and I find it to be a lifesaver.

I got this cheap universal charger and it works great. I plug the charger into the wall and then plug in the dead battery. The charger also has a USB port, so I don't need a second charger for my phone. Overnight, just plug the phone and the second battery into the charger. When I wake up, both are charged.

It's only 650 mA, so it takes all night to fully charge both batteries. But that's fine with me.

As a bonus, it really is a universal charger. I've charged mine and others' camera batteries too. If it's a lithium ion battery and it physically fits, it charges.

Comment Re:putting on my tin foil hat for a moment... (Score 1) 185

Facebook has my phone numer. Occasionally, friends who need to call me but don't have my number get it from Facebook. And it auto populated my phone with my friends' numbers, and they auto update when my friends change them. When I get a call from someone whose number I otherwise wouldn't have had, now their name and profile pic show up on my phone before I answer. Potential privacy issues? Sure. But it is not without utility.

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