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Comment Re:I'm sure they'll stop (Score 1) 189

No it's only a contract if it's between large corporations. Anything paid for that benefits an individual (provided they make less than 7 figures - you know, the 'value producing' class) is an 'entitlement', and it's only right and legal that those so-called 'contracts' go unfulfilled. Only corporations and the upper class are worthy of 'entitlement'. And false advertisement? piffle. That's just the guaranteed right to free speech that the founders MEANT to grant to corporate entities.

Comment Re:Anyone else get the feeling (Score 2) 28

Yes - and that reminds ME of epicycles. Mathematical constructs that could be used to make predictions - they 'worked' but were the result of astronomers looking at the universe from the wrong perspective... *grin* I'm not QUITE arrogant enough to claim I have the right perspective though. Well, not in public, and not before at LEAST 6 beers, anyway...

Comment Re:IT'S A TRAP! (Score 1) 355

"you're projecting"

Am I? You repeat talking points. That says quite a bit. You SAY moderation then take a view that the US is extreme, when the truth is, we aren't. And 'globalism' is the Republican code for 'make us like them'. And - global economic equilibrium? Without it riding on the backs of poor citizens the way it does with our competitors (china, etc)? Ain't happening. We can't compete with government subsidies or tariffs to compensate - UNLESS we convert to the equivalent of slave labor, the end-game for the right - who consider poverty to be the result of laziness; guess what bubbi - it's not. You can be smart, work hard, be skilled, and dedicated, and save your money (if you have any left over from rent, food, and utilities to spend) and STILL be stuck at the poverty line. Hell, that's not enough to keep your job anymore. The Right has killed the American dream and raped the American worker - but when confronted, all the right knows how to do is to blame the victim.

"Oh and BTW, perhaps your quality of life used to be good because you were riding off the backs of 3rd world labor"

Nah I have a GREAT quality of life. I have a good career, I don't 'collect'. I am not in debt; I own my own house and am about to buy a new one outright (no loan) - I don't like debt (the Republican problem; they ARE the borrow and spend party, after all - don't like it? tough). I was considered 'hard right wing' by most, too (it gives me a giggle that now I'm a moderate), until the right went insane when a black democrat became President instead of their choice. Oh - I work in the financial sector too and have for most of my life - so I am not 'living off the backs of third world labor'. And since I see how slanted things are against the US in the markets, I try to BUY American too - and will until tariffs compensate for foreign subsidies. I _DO_ contribute and create, (I won't be a 'rent seeker' until I retire, and then I wil be seeking rent for an actual product - housing) and guess what? I'm not an elitist, if you are trying to 'zing' me with "You're nothing special in comparison to another man who contribute to society for far less than what your used too" you failed miserably; it's the RIGHT who's dogma includes 'American Exceptionalism'. I am all too aware that many don't have it as good as we do, and that they are just as 'worthy' of the American way of life as any American citizen. Hell, I HAVE been below the poverty line - it's just that before you guys fucked everything up, it was once possible to claw your way out of poverty.

What I disagree with is the Right's insistence that all money and privilege should be concentrated at the top so that it can drip down on American labor. Guess what - that ain't prosperity raining down upon us. Had you noticed? Had you noticed that when the wealthy INDIVIDUALS were taxed (not corps mind you) at a higher rate, we had prosperity? How do you justify the investment class getting paid income at half the rates of the working class THIS week, btw? Be sure to include what effect that tax rate is having on the economy too. Show your work now, talk radio is NOT a source.

"For many, they're used to this way of life" - Oho, so THAT's how the right justifies the sorry lot of the third world labor forces and their intent to turn the US into a third world country - they are 'used to it' eh? I wondered what the line was this week.

"And you're electing the same assholes that outsource to India and China"

You're right, but you have the wrong tense. For many years I voted Republican. Don't worry though; I consider anyone that freely associates with the hypocritical Republican Party now to be morally bankrupt proponents of fascism.

"Payback is a bitch huh? Get used to it cupcake!"

Oh, so you ADMIT the Right will make things worse, and revel in it!


Comment Re:IT'S A TRAP! (Score 1) 355

No, I know what corporations will do for short term profit. You are the idiots that believe in a magic invisible hand that counteracts that and makes regulations unnecessary - even though that effect has never been seen in the history of the world, and in fact, hate anything to do with democracy (in order for your dogma to work, you must consider regulations to be arbitrary, rather than a reaction from the market - ie the people - in any governmental system that listens to the people). You want tyranny for profit (you love the idea of 'death panels' administered by organizations who profit from death, for example); eternal war for oil, rather than energy independence because it's cheaper in the short term, you deny science for dogma (and economics for dogmatic reasons) - you consider venality to be a virtue (greed is good). Your dogma requires that poverty is a moral issue, that job markets are infinite, and that enforcement trumps judgement (you consistently remove power from the judicial and grant it to the executive; look at 'mandatory sentencing as just one example). On top of it all, you wrap it up in fundamentalist religious terms and sell it to citizens as jingoistic patriotism.

In short, there is no confusion; you support facist dogma - and that has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with 'liberty'. And since you are a 'nobody', you will never see any good come to you from your lovingly held dogmas - in short, you are a useful idiot, and you are being used to construct an oligarchy that you will never even participate in, much less benefit from. Your master's goal: to make the US a third world country where workers are desperate and the rulers so rich they can ignore the disease and poverty that is the end result of YOUR actions and views.

So no, I'm not confusing anything - YOU, however, are quite obviously someone who thinks on corporate scales - that is, one financial quarter at a time, at best.

Comment Re:IT'S A TRAP! (Score 1) 355

"The same debt our government got us into the first place."

No. The same debt the right wing got us into this in the first place - by spending without funding. Say what you will about 'the left', they at LEAST WANT TO PAY FOR THEIR SPENDING. The right? Not so much.

And frankly, you guys want us to be competitive with the third world by making us a third world country. A tiny rich, ruling class, no middle class, and the rest so poor and desperate for work that they will endure slave-labor conditions. Passing all all regulatory responsibility to a magic invisible hand is part of that.


Comment Re:Irrelevant! Uncontructive! Let's get dangerous. (Score 1) 355

That's right. It wasn't continued under Obama, and the anti-gun nuts weren't calling for greatly increased gun 'control' due to american guns showing up in mexican crimes that happened DURING Obama's administration. Obama didn't keep any of the bad actors from the previous administration and that means that this administration is entirely innocent.

Oh. Wait. Strike that. Reverse it.

I actually LIKE the moderate-to-right approach that Obama has brought to the White House. That's why I voted for him; despite the insane ravings of the right, he is in FACT moderate - but you do no favors to the man by denying that his administration has done any wrong or intimating that his bears no responsibility for initiatives that started with the previous admin - yet continue under his own.

Comment Re:Irrelevant! Uncontructive! Let's get dangerous. (Score 1) 355

*shrug* I said it was his problem, not his initiative. Gunwalking wasn't resulting in dead US enforcement agents under Bush, AFAIK (I could be wrong) - 'just' Mexicans, so few paid attention until F&F and the Obama administration.

Also, the intimation that it was 'easy availability' in the US that was why the US was the source of the guns (when the easy availability was actually encouraged by the ATF operation, and contrary to what the gun shop owners wanted and current laws permitted) is where the outrage comes from. Essentially, the ATF actually was supplying the guns for crime in mexico, and the anti-2nd crowd was behaving as if that pesky 2nd amendment that should be curtailed, rather than gunwalking.

And as I said, it's Holder that should be held accountable. And that IS Obama's problem.

Comment Re:Irrelevant! Uncontructive! Let's get dangerous. (Score 1) 355

Operation Fast and Furious - where the Obama administration gave guns to Mexican drug lords over the objections of gun shop owners with the stated object of tracking them to catch the bad guys.

In reality, they did no tracking, and when law enforcement agents were KILLED with those guns, tried to cover things up and blame illegal gun sales for their own 'screwup' (and no, I'm not entirely sure it WAS a screwup, that this wasn't just another attempt to weaken the Second Amendment in the eyes of the public). Holder for sure is responsible (especially since he lied about it - they call it 'inconsistent testimony', but it was pretty clearly lies) - which makes it Obama's problem.

Comment Re:The modern world sucks. (Score 1) 85

That can't be! Corporations are guided by a magic invisible hand so that everything they do is beneficent! And if one does something that has negative effects by accident, the magic invisible hand gently guides them back onto the track of truth! Have a little Faith, man! Any human tragedy that happens while the magic invisible hand does it's work is surely an acceptable loss that only does good to all of us in the long run!

VonMises, Cato and CEI forever, A-men.

Now bend over for your blessings from the Koch Brothers, everyone, then pass the collection plate.

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