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Comment Re:Whaling bad, mass breeding cattle and pigs good (Score 1) 188

So, can someone explain to me why whaling is such a very bad thing the whole Western world has to get in an uproar - yet destroying huge portions of the rain forest and endangering species living in it to breed cattle or grow soy is ok? It's not like our culinary preferences are not endangering other species and destroying their natural habitats. But when it's whales, all of a sudden it matters?

Finally, a voice of reason. The truth of the matter is (I think) that we like to feel good about ourselves "doing something". If all the whaling in the world stopped, it would have no effect on most humans. If all of the factory farms in the world stopped raising animals in the inhumane conditions that they are raised in, it would have a huge effect on many humans. People want to be seen as pro-environment, but most people aren't actually willing to sacrifice their own comfort to do so. Hence the hypocrisy.

Comment Re:Playing devil's advocate (Score 1) 500

You make a good point. I hadn't thought through the implications of the flipside, which is requiring all occupants, present or not, to be present and assenting to any search. I guess I would rather have searches limited than otherwise though, so the thought of it being more difficult to search doesn't bother me too much.

Comment Re:Time to let legislators legislate. (Score 2) 500

I'm the AC above - I agree that Congress is unwilling to legislate and would rather pass the buck... hence why Congress hasn't declared war in a while. Every senator and representative wants to "keep their hands clean" of these sorts of things. I think though that if enough people started making noise about these infringements, it would force them to pay attention.

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