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Comment Re:But will IE accept the new font files? (Score 1) 209

From the article:

Frank Martinez, a New York lawyer who specializes in intellectual property law and who represents several typeface designers and foundries, said the difference between having a font temporarily downloaded to your computer and having it installed permanently on your computer is like hearing a song on the radio versus getting a band's CD. "Either way you receive the music," he said. "But if you hear it on the radio, you don't own it, and you can't play it again."

If it is WOFF, what prevents one from decompressing and installing it locally?


Fonts in WOFF format are compressed but are not encrypted, the format should not be viewed as a "secure" format by those looking for a mechanism to strictly regulate and control font use.

The compression format is lossless, the uncompressed font data will match that of the original OpenType or TrueType font, so the way the font renders will be the same as the original.

As an aside, I really like more choices of fonts, but the potential licensing cost just drives me away.

Comment VS2010 reinventing personalized menu? (Score 1) 263

Quoting from the Express page:

Unique to Visual Studio® 2010 Express is a new streamlined user experience that focuses on the most common commands by hiding some of the more advanced menus and toolbars.

Anyone who has actually downloaded and used it cares to share if this is Windows 2000 style personalized menu all over again?

Comment Re:Over 30! (Score 1) 258

You should mention the Desktop Heap. I found this out when I was writing my own version of Desktops (

See here to download the desktop heap monitor: I also used this to check winstation/desktop names.

And here to change the desktop heap size:

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