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Comment Re:H-1B Is not offshoring (Score 1) 327

In the Disney case H1-B workers were trained by the US citizens and then the jobs were moved offshore and US citizens were fired. I can't complain about H1-B because I used it to get into US as well, but I can see how it is used to drive down wages. There are already laws saying you can't offer a lower than average wage for the position to a H1-B worker, but there is freedom on what you call the worker's position so a senior can be hired as a junior.

Comment Re:Simply Solution, High Minimum Salary for H1B's (Score 2) 262

Isn't that how it already works? The employer has to offer a salary that is above average of what the standard is. Foreign workers on H1-B visas ARE more expensive. But maybe they are willing to work in a lower position than they normally should so all in all they cost less. BTW, I'm someone who missed this year's H1-B quota by a few days myself.

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