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Comment Re:New Mac Pro in 2020! (Score 2) 307

It may have a state of the art physical design, but this is a design which has served virtually no function other than to make any meaningful upgrades impossible. If apple had at least kept up and offered systems with modern components then this could be overlooked to a degree, but they havent. Talking as a 3D user, the current top end mac pro is nothing short of laughable in terms of specs. A single CPU socket competing in a world of dual and quad chip workstations, Two immensely out of date GPUs which are exactly the same as the ones launched three years ago, in real-world performance they're beaten by a single low-mid range gaming card. The forums I visit are filled with post after post of mac users asking the windows guys for help picking a machine.

You simply cannot leave the same old machine on sale for 3 years and expect to maintain a market. At least in the past when apple did this it wasn't too bad because the larger cheesegrater towers were somewhat expandable and could be kept somewhat up to date, but the trashcans have no decent cpu options short of what they shipped with and most people would have maxed the memory out in the first place.

Put another way, if apple left it 3 or 4 years between iphones, they'd have people jumping ship; that's the current situation for pro macs right now

Comment Re:You have got to be kidding me (Score 5, Insightful) 727

And I'll bet real hard cash that she ignores every single question of any merit. Wu has been asked many many many questions over the months, she has pretty much refused to answer a single one, instead resorting to calling people sealions for having the audacity to question her official line. All we will see here is a puff piece, the answered questions will all be about how she's a victim, how people should send her money and how she's completely innocent of any wrong doing. Can't wait to see the hug box in action.

Comment Re:You have got to be kidding me (Score 4, Insightful) 727

You misunderstand, Im sure Wu has had plenty of horrific experiences, I just think most of them have been brought upon herself for the purpose of garnering attention, sympathy and money. I know plenty of women in male dominated industries, specifically 3D illustration and programming (>80% male in my experience), none of them have experienced anything even remotely akin to a 'boys club'. Yes it's a sausage-fest, but they're generally perfectly accepting of any women that they get to work with. My main objection is that somebody with a reputation of milking every penny of sympathy they possibly can from those gullible enough to believe everything she says, has somehow obtained a Slashdot frontpage entry *with a link to her donation page*. Regardless of what you or I think of her, it beggars belief that even for a Q&A promotion the "Im a victim, give me money" link still gets through.

Comment Re:Operating at 20W gives zero improvement. (Score 2) 114

Can you provide or link to any proof or information on the Cinebench claim? That's quite a statement which I haven't seen presented anywhere else. I run what I believe to be the largest database of cinebench scores ( so have a somewhat vested interest to look into this. To the best of my understanding, AMD performs poorly in certain tasks and benchmarks because of its shared use of FPUs, despite shipping consumer cpus with 8 cores, they only have 4 FPUs, which given benchmarks like cinebench run almost nothing but floating point math, would rather explain the results. But hey, I could be wrong and there might be a giant conspiracy from intel to artificially slow down their competitors. Feel free to contact me privately if you prefer and I may be able to look into it further. mash at Disclosure: Used to work for Maxon 10 years ago

Comment Shame about the low-end tracking on the Contour (Score 1) 431

Ive been using a contour perfit mouse now for some 8 or so years and love the ergonomics, its genuinely saved me from the RSI monster that was giving me problems. But as you say, the optical tracking is just about as bad as it gets; it often skips over 2-3 pixels randomly and the low dpi means you cant speed it up to any useful degree on high DPI screens. This sucks majorly for doing photoshop and 3D stuff and making gaming a less than great experience. I mailed them 2-3 years back asking if they had any plans to upgrade the tracking and just got a generic canned response that they will look into it.

Comment Re:Wow! .6 GHz Faster Than 3 Year Old 2600k! (Score 3, Insightful) 157

3D Animator here. I made the same mistake as you, thinking my 2.8GHz i7 920 (overclocked to 3.7GHz) would be as fast a current 3.7GHz i7. Each new generation of i7 has been ~5% faster clock for clock. For example my new i7 laptop at 2.6GHz is roughly the same speed as my desktop at 3.7GHz in both single and multi threaded tasks.

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