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Comment Re:Nokia options (Score 1) 289

Thanks Lee, excellent point. I just spent a little time getting this set up. Fortunately I had a Gizmo5 account from when I got the first nokia tablet. I looked at this article first to get the idea of how it worked. So I used my number from gizmo5 account and this had the n900 specifics to configure with: To configure the n900. I just used settings->Voip and Im, SIP account gui and it was really easy with the link above. All in all it took about 2 minutes.

Comment Re:Nokia options (Score 1) 289

My n900 is great for Skype calling. I use it a lot when I am at home. I wish there could be a google voice app for the phone to dial direct but I doubt it will happen. The n900 platform Maemo is being replaced with MeeGo and there are no plans for Maemo to MeeGo switch for the n900. This means that long term support will probably grow more spotty and app development won't be as active for the phone shortly. Its disappointing considering how use-able and feature rich true multitasking Maemo has gotten in the past year.

Submission + - IPad is making cross platform development harder (

imapopsensation writes: There have been articles here and elsewhere about the closed development platform for the IPad and the IPhone (iEtc) stores. This article from the Washington Post really sums up some of the problems I have with the limitations on software development Apple has been putting out there. I am nervous about the negative implications for small business and entrepreneur startups who rely on the freedom of the web and the various platforms for delivering rich content to all platforms. Using Flex and HTML/JS I have been building very scalable affordable applications for medical professionals. The IPad could be such a great asset for getting these applications into people's hands in doctor's offices and hospitals but instead it is just muddling things up with new rules and limitations.

Submission + - Internet slowdowns, who knows the deal? (

imapopsensation writes: Today, throughout the day the internet was very slow for me, co-workers, and friends. I switched between about three carriers from work, to home, to my cellphone. Gmail was really crawling, and video streams and websites I frequently visit were all slow or intermittent. Does anyone know why? Was there attacks today? Is there a place in this virtual world I can visit to find out who is down, what services are slow, etc? I think as consumers and as businesses we should be able to find out when our communications are slow or inconsistent, why and how?

Submission + - Why are Wireless Speakers NOT so hot right now? (

imapopsensation writes: For almost 6 months now I've been looking for a home wireless speakers speakers. Ever time I spend a few hours doing the research and reading the reviews I am back where I started: confused and annoyed. Here are the requirements. 2 to 5.1 speakers that have power to the walland will play music from my computer (PC or Mac Mini). I don't care if I need a dongle, uses Bluetooth, or it plays over my wireless network, or if I need airtunes to broadcast it. I just want them to be stereo and have good sound quality. There is a new Bose Soundlink System, with no reviews, and the same with an iLive wireless speaker system. This technology should have matured ages ago! I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.

Submission + - Pandora and online music (

imapopsensation writes: "Two pieces of related news reached me today. Pandora is starting to charge after a certain number of hours, or for premium annual access. This showed up in my inbox, and apparently to others. Full Text Here I then see that an agreement was made in online audio distribution. Here There are some details here and there on CNN and Arstechnica about percent profits, but what does this deal really mean? Is it worth buying a year of Pandora now, or will better deals come along since, from what it sounds like, streaming audio distribution is slated to get less expensive?"

Comment Re:BooHoo (Score 3, Insightful) 789

What is it about a some iPhone users that makes them think that the general rule of lending and new product pricing doesn't apply to them? When a new product comes out, its costs more. Borrowing at interest or signing payment contracts sometimes offsets that new product price so you an get that new product smell. Getting it at new user price requires a two year contract, and a new customer opp for ATNT. When a new car comes out, you can get 5000 back for signing a 60 month lease to 8% interest. It happens with every manufacturer and every new product, period. Instead of wasting time iWhining about it, why not look at the monarchy subscribed to when you buy a closed phone, from a single service provider, with a limited (selective) development platform, with a single outlet for purchasing things? Shouldn't this be more concern then most shiny thing in the room?

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