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Comment Re: Brought to you by Fox News (Score 1) 292

Actually, since this article is really advocating privitizing space missions, in this case to the moon, it fits in very nicely with Fox News modus operandi. I cannot think of a more appropriate stance from the really. Although it is a bit weird that they are sounding pro space travel, but after hearing so much about drilling in asteroids I am sure they are thinking there is money in it, and the idea of taking money into the private sector - whatever the cost - before the gov can get their hands on it is what they are all about.

Comment Re:A dangerous side effect on data capping (Score 1) 568

Let's say there is something happening that the power-that-be does not want others to know, and it was an emergency and they did not have time to cut off the net feed ...

Not only that, but imagine (and surely this has already happened to some) ... large catastrophes or other breaking events in the world - maybe something that the whole of Earth watches live at once, many online - could potentially created massive bandwidth consumption and thereby huge profits for ISPs. Disasters are now (more than ever) becoming large opportunities for profit from not only content & news providers, but also service providers.

Say a meteor hits the Earth. Everyone watches. Many die. As some may have already guessed, the whole episode takes a while - plus, there will be tons of aftermath coverage that you will not be able to turn away from - not from any fault of your own just human nature and the curiosity/shock-&-awe factor. Meanwhile, Time Warner & Comcast make billions, all in one day. The event is so "popular" that execs consider discreetly lassoing some more rocks to smash into metropolitan areas - all in the name of, well... ratings, really.

Frankly, this has the very disturbing potential to monetize tragedy & create (an even bigger) ecosystem of for-profit destruction & misery. If the Rupert Murdochs of the world could sell you blood for oil as efficiently as they already have, just imagine what coming waves of depravity that may be sprawling across your various feeds.

It is inevitable and only a matter of time. The evidence for this trend is piling up so that you can take your pick resources to reference.

Can the keymasters of information distribution & media be trusted as often or thoroughly as the gatekeepers of information gathering & security?

These days - and those to come even more so - the internet is both of those things as much as it is either one individually.

Comment Re:It's a trap (Score 1) 110

"communism died in the 80's"

Somebody's never heard of the People's Republic of China!

They are only the second largest economy in the world, vastly considered the second largest superpower (much like Russia in it's heyday), considered to have the third most powerful military and they have the world's largest population. Some would even consider them to be THE new superpower.

So yeah, I would say that communism is quite alive and well.

Considering these facts, it even could be argued that communism has become more populous & accepted than even, say ... democracy.

Regardless of how either China or Russia operationally, ideologically & philosophically relate to "pure" communism - an issue easily considered by most to be highly debatable - China is ruled by a communist party & is officially communist state.

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